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    DGCR Number
    Real name
    David Carroll
    Pace Florida
    Jan 21, 1964 (Age: 59)
    Years Playing
    18.6 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    13 / 2.58 star(s)
    Voting Record
    29 5
    Technician for U.S. Postal Service


    Pastafarians Unite! Have ye been touched by His noodly appendage?

    Sure, another time then. If you run late, I will probably be at Portland Park at noon on my lunch break. (Carver is getting run down just FYI)
    I hope to be playing in the Eat,Sleep, Disc Freeport, Fort Walton double header. Not sure about the Blue Angel one or not
    Good Deal!! He's a good guy working hard on and for the disc golf course! If you come play Ferry Park, call the store! (850-226-6853) I am about 2 blocks away from course!

    I'm currently out of town until the 20th of this month. Ordinarily I'm up for playing just about anytime when I'm not at work or traveling with work.

    Sounds like an awesome trip! I'm currently in (outside of) appling GA and the IDGC and the Augusta courses. In a week or so I'll probably be able to give you more info about courses in that direction, then I'll let you know what info I've got for ya.

    Happy road trip planning! It's always fun :D.
    Sounds like a good time, I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get those 2 courses, but I don't have time for them all.

    Yeah, I played Blue Angel, Awesome! Played both courses from the long tees and it was well worth it, Oak is definitely one of the better courses I've played in the south, and Palmetto is right up there with it.

    Currently I sit in western GA getting ready to play Flyboy Aviation tomorrow! :D I'm pumped.
    Yeah dude! I was just going to send you a message tonight when I saw that you had a travel tag, you beat me to the punch. I'm thinking of rolling through on the 15th (give or take), I'm also meeting up with who-dat, maybe we can all get together for a round. I'll definitely be down for an early morning round one of those days, I'll let you know what's up when the time gets closer.
    The wind was brutal on Lake Lewisville that morning. I don't think I've ever experienced wind conditions anywhere near as strong as those saturday. The front nine that's exposed to the wind right off the lake were the worst. I scored horribly.

    At least you scored some plastic, right?
    Ugh i did alright I guess won a z pred in the ctp but the wind killed my game that day
    Tomorrow I'll be at the greenbrier community center in fort worth for the thaw out throwdown at 8 a.m


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