• I'm a Southern California guy, with Northern California philosophy, living in North Carolina.

    Any game with a disc... Golf, Freestyle, DDC, Ultimate, Catch...
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    Asheville, NC
    Dec 15, 1977 (Age: 45)
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    22.3 Years
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    Researching Outdoor Education techniques for the National Park Service
    I have an old omega supersoft. Trying to find info on it. It's a San marino mold but it doesnt have run nhers on it.
    Hey there, I have not been able to find a contact about playing Avery's Spring. I was hoping to get a tee time for May 28th. Any info you may have on who to contact would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!
    Part 2 - Yours was a very fair review of the course. I urge you to try to be in PA for the 2013 Yetter on Sept 7th and 8th. Our course will test every aspect of your game - you already got a taste of what we have to offer. We continue to make improvements to the course with the intention of challenging players of all skill levels. We work hard to make the course as navigable as possible while maintaining the 'state park' vibe that (we hope) is obvious to anyone who plays. As for no permanent pins in the 'C' position, that is done intentionally. We try to insure that the areas around all of the pins get a chance to rehabilitate themselves. Permanent baskets, especially under the canopy of trees here, would quickly/permanently blot out all plant life near our baskets. We do our best to prevent that.
    Part 1 - I've read your review of Tyler State Park in PA a few times and figured it was time to respond (and pardon me if you've already heard some of this...) You happened across our course just after our annual ace-race tourney, hence the inordinate amount of "A" position pins. You were just a couple weeks removed from seeing the entire course set up in the 'C' position, including 13 additional temporary holes that were part of our clubs biggest annual tournament - the Eric C Yetter Champions Cup.
    nice review of ninigret. many upgrades this year so your right it does have a bad rap from its old 8 hole layout
    Just wanted to take a minute and say that your Diamond-X review was great. I hope to have the opportunity to almost die there sometime soon.
    Thanks again for the hospitality from you and your crew man. I felt at home on that course and hope to come back soon. I'll be posting those pics in a thread soon.
    Yo checkit: I got a SSD of my own:
    It is. I have been on here more and more so I figured that I might a well have my own page.
    Nice review of Ridgecrest. I will have to come check that one out on my way up to Asheville sometime this spring.
    Thumbs up on a(nother) great review, and a big kudos for getting your first course up! The pics and write-up are excellent, hope to test it out someday(after school hours of course)! Hope all is well Jason, have a Merry Christmas!


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