• DGCR Number
    Real name
    Yeddie VanHalen
    Hendersonville, NC
    Mar 16, 1958 (Age: 65)
    Years Playing
    19.5 Years
    Main Throwing Style
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    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    60 / 3.28 star(s)
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    344 17


    davidkzoo gives it the elusive 5 star rating. His thoughts on the bike/walking path that crosses the course:
    I have hit a person before, but i did yell four. they looked at me like i was crazy until my disc plowed him in the head. if you are the guy i hit and you are reading this, sorry again. but you are an absolute idiot and deserved to get hit :)

    Originally posted by Sloppydisc: "go bake a pie"

    How do you find your lost discs? Clempson13: I just spray mine with cologne and go where the ladies flock :cool:
    Great meeting you this weekend! Look forward to watching your coverage and hopefully see you again next year! If you're ever in the Charlotte area playing and need a guide or playing partner hit me up!

    -Pat(Leaderboard guy)
    Those are my home courses. La Raza is the main course that we play. We have a good club scene there. Just wish that there were more courses in the area. Best wishes to your Mom.
    Yeah I can see the look on his face now. If J-Bird was in that group I'm sure Tac caught absolute hell!!!!!
    You seem to have thrown that Clutch a few times. I am still getting used to mine, but I like it. Mine tends to be slightly over stable on long approach shots. Does it straighten out over time?
    Thank you. I have scored some great plastic that way but this is the most collectible. Flies pretty beautiful too.
    Haha yea I wonder if I can find some Latitude 64 in Swedish now :). And they are great discs. I love mine.
    It's similar to my roc3 but with a more pronounced fade and glide. Essentially what I wanted my roc to be haha. Mine weighs 177g, and never will she leave my possession :)
    Yeddie, I'm actually down in Charlotte. Those photos were uploaded several years ago and the course has since undergone some changes. The locals should be able to help with more info.

    It's a fun course, with some good variety. You'll enjoy it, no doubt.
    PO = Poison Oak.
    That's not likely to be in everyone's vernacular, is it? I'll edit it.
    sucks you couldnt make it to the ice bowl at Simple Pleasures man, the weather was actually nothing of an ice bowl at all haha anyways Im having the annual paired doubles tournament at my course and sugaree on mar 30th. Love to have the #s as these little events I host really help improve the course, retaining walls/inner chains/new baskets :)
    Simple Pleasures round next weekend if your in for some private mountain lines dood, Im always looking for groups to come to help beat the trails in more. Fairways are clean, tees are 10' carpet, 14 holes with 1000' downhill valley bomb to end on
    Hello ~
    you uploaded a video for the 2011 Worlds @ Pinto Lake a while back ~ can you direct me to that video? I can't seem to find it on this site or YouTube. Thanks.
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