Three Putt
  • DGCR Number
    Real name
    Scott Kickbusch
    Rolla, MO.
    Jan 19, 1967 (Age: 56)
    Years Playing
    28.7 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    122 / 2.22 star(s)
    Voting Record
    1619 315


    A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?

    Other info

    My philosophy of Course Ratings: Sorry, I don't have an objective course review strategy. I play 'em and wing it.

    My background is in parks and recreation, so I tend to have a better handle on public courses and how they fit into an overall park design. I'm nit-picky on conflicts with other park uses and play-ability (flow) as opposed to someone who is just evaluating the shots.

    I'm not a very good golfer so things like the challenge level of a top-tier course isn't really my strong suit. I can look at things like variety of shot types, variety of distances, etc., but I'm not really sure for example if a hole is a par 4 or a par 5. Like I said, I just take my perception and wing it.

    As a result, I really don't review courses I consider to be a "3" or over after I play them once. Better courses I like to play 3-4 times in a variety of weather to get a better feel for the design.

    Personal DGC Top 10
    1. Ozark Mountain-Vichy, MO
    2. Harmony Bends-Columbia, MO
    3. The Canyons-Dellwood, IL
    4. Foundation Park-Centralia, IL
    5. Hanna Hills- Laquey, MO
    6. Waterworks-Kansas City, MO
    7. Rogers Lakewood- Valparaiso, IN
    8. Highland Park-Joliet, IL
    9. Spencer-Davis (Ozark Mountain)-Vichy, MO
    10. Sioux Passage-St. Louis, MO

    I love their guitar parts, obv Big Star sound but there's some great Byrds jangle, too, and occasional Chuck Berry or Buddy Holly references.

    Their live videos are pretty hot, they cover Pretty Woman. :eek: :cool:
    Three Putt,

    If it helps, the date on your response was 8/25/17...sorry I didn't include that in previous email...

    Valiant effort!

    It took me a bit of scrolling to find where you got to...had me sweating it!!!
    What people don't often realize or give enough credit to is the fact that safeties also result in change of possession AND it's a pooch punt. Points, possession, something less practiced on special's a potent recipe for breaking a game open.

    Balks are beautiful. :p :D :cool:


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