• I got a 18 hole course a bag of beer and a couple discs. Booyaaaa

    Discin in the tree world
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    Mike J.
    Pender Is. B.C.
    Nov 19, 1976 (Age: 46)
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    35.4 Years
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    Save the hot Stamos!
    Be sure to contact me ahead of time if you get down this way. I'll make an effort to meet up, even if it's over in Seattle. I normally only get over there once or twice a year to play. I've also only heard good things about the Pender Island course. Cheers is right!
    I’m using mostly Millennium JLS and Polaris with a River mixed in. I’m only at about 225’. I don’t do a run up and I have noodle and…lol.
    Heya. Thanks for the comment, but I don't know how much street cred it gives me. I was a pretty terrible disc golfer back then, but had fun hanging with my buddies. Saturday morning rounds at UVic "Day Course" always resulted in me parting ways with some cash. I do have to credit them with helping me start to develop my game and actually enjoy the sport, though it took me a while to shake the nickname "Air Bounce". Good times.

    Take care of yourself. As a fellow old lightweight MVP lefty, I've pulled some good knowledge from your posts. Cheers!
    Exclusively gyro for just under 3 years. I switched over from Innova pretty quickly when I discovered MVP.

    I've become more "Old school" since moving over - I ride the Envy, Entropy, and Matrix for like 90% of my shots.
    Hey. Thanks. He's an excellent dog for me.
    Losing track of time, and I forgot I said I would get back to you. smh
    I am well ( as is the gal and the dog.) I've had no symptoms for 11 days.
    How it went for me was 5 days of fever, weird headache, body aches and poor sense of smell and taste.
    It quite literally ended while I was walking the dog one afternoon and I suddenly felt a surge of energy.
    Poof. Gone.
    Sorry for forgetting to not get back to you. Bad form on my part.
    Peace and wellness to you and your People.

    Thanks man!! I joined that group shortly after i joined the site. I don't recall it being too active. Anyway, yeah, that's CNC mill code. Loosely interpreted it says: From wherever you are right now, go home; return to initial height; end program. Its funny you ask me that because I'm pretty much on this site exclusively on my phone, and the mobile browser doesn't display the signatures, so I forgot that was there.
    Well, I've got time off and a little bit of money coming in the net little bit if there's any events worth coming to I'd certainly try and make an appearance ;)
    Snow is almost gone now, have no idea about Mike C, not sure why my profile says that anyways :) I didn't do it.

    Are there any good disc golf courses you would recommend in canada? I finally got my passport
    Hey. Don't Mako me call the Sheriff and demand some Justice for this Villain. �� I'm digging that Envy you had done. Always good to meet another lefty��
    Thanks Mike! Really digging the forums so far and looking forward to connecting with some fellow Disc Golfers!


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