• Picked up Disc Golf in the COVID-19 era. Appreciating the mentorship and community.

    Tabletop wargaming, exercise
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    Dec 29, 1985 (Age: 37)
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    Do I see you’re a tabletop gamer? I’ve had an on and off again relationship with 40k my whole life.

    Do you play many events or tournaments? Wondering what experience you have shifting between working on form and playing competitively.
    hey man, sorry I missed this- I briefly played 40k and more WH Fantasy for years before the latter died. Then I shifted to Kings of War & have my first tourney in years in August. I am still aiming to join my first local DG tournament soon. I kept going through cycles of minor injuries and oddly I just really enjoy working on form now. But I think I'll enjoy learning from competition at this point!
    Hey, I just wanted to check if there was anything you would amend in your off-arm video at this point. Does all the info still stand?


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