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    Aug 17, 1963 (Age: 60)
    Years Playing
    4.1 Years
    Main Throwing Style
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    107 / 2.97 star(s)
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    3992 124


    "Nobody Cares, Work Harder": Catrina Allen T-shirt

    Other info

    My goals with the start of my 3rd calendar year in Disc Golf.
    1. Continue working on the form. Spent most of this past year on the one-step, currently on the x-step fairway drivers on the practice field. The goal is to be at the 4-step by the fall.
    2. Bagged my first ace this past year, goal is to double it this coming year. I've hit enough barrels to do it.
    3. Made my goal last year of playing some outstanding courses Hawk Hollow, Loriella Park, Lake Marshall, and stumbled on Cannon Ridge. Except I was shutout from Blockhouse, keep bugging them until I get on. The course is private, and there still applying Covid rules.
    4. My goal last year was to bag 20 courses, but I got the bug and finished the year today with 2 more for a total of 71 courses. I'm going to flip it around back to 20 courses and play more locally. I played just half the rounds this past year compared to 2020 from all the driving.
    5. Play my 100th course by the end of January, I'm only 8 courses away. I've decided on Walnut Creek Park outside of Charlottesville Virginia it seems to have a variety of what I like to play on a course. There's a handful of courses I really want to play, then keep it close to home.
    6. Replace the Star Mamba there becoming to flippy. Could be the Star Wraith I've been throwing it well, also the Boatsman and the Hades I've liked, just need more field time with them or perhaps something else out there.
    7. Keep having fun!

    First Birdie back in October 2019 Bayville No. 18 217 feet.
    First Eagle 2 today 31 December 2019 Northwest River No. 13 295 ft.
    First Eagle 3 10 Jan 2020 Newport News DGC No.17 340. ft.
    First Ace! June 28th 2021 Munden Point No. 6 163 feet into a headwind 15-20 mph and gusty. Hit right gap with a Star Mamba 149g. Wind pushed disc into basket, looked like it was going to sail right over basket. Hit left barrel, no chains.

    Time to start keeping track of longest drive:

    LHBH February 23rd, 2023 Munden Point No. 13 Long Tee with an x-step only left center fairway 328 feet laser distance. Fission Wave 148g.



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