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    Real name
    Nov 10, 1978 (Age: 44)
    Years Playing
    22.3 Years
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    115 / 3.21 star(s)
    Voting Record
    593 11


    "I don't know who that guy is, but he's pretty good."
    PDGA 21681
    DGCR 3515
    Ace Count 66

    Other info

    101...14-3 1DEC16
    Play McClain park. Awesome course. They locals are great, so if you ask nicely, I am sure you can find a group to play with
    Yeah was in cameron park, the guys had been sitting at proctor springs when the thugs ran over bogey hill.
    I put a merged team together.
    ADV 1 Brandon Burgland
    ADV 2 David Bartlett
    ADV 3 Mike Keith
    INT 1 Stephen Hansen
    INT 2 Justin Motz
    INT 3 Stephanie Pullins

    I can talk $hit with the best of them. We are camping...will not get there until Friday afternoon hope there will still be some good spots. Might need a lil protection from what I

    Heard you were dressing up like a chick this year so you can play the AM Womans spot. HA. Bring it on.
    See you in Oklahoma, Rob. I haven't played much in the past few months but couldn't miss it!
    Im not on a team as of now me and my buddies are tryin to get one together right now but idk if its gonna work out some people may not be able to make it
    Hey man, met you the other day at Towne Lake. Thought I would shoot you over a friend request here.

    Good to finally put a face with a name. I see your avatar in threads and on vehicles around Mckinney all the time, haha.
    Here is the latest from the designer.
    These are close estimates.
    1 480
    2 290
    3 600
    4 600
    5 320
    6 470
    7 280
    8 500
    9 290

    Lots of OB. Fast greens. Butt cheek clinching to the max.
    The shots are right there in front of you. No real luck factors. If you execute the shot you will be rewarded with a chance for birdie or a chance to execute your next shot for a rewarding 3. I feel like the course is going to play harder than the old layout. No easy birdies. Definitely some room to air out some shots. We are losing some nice areas and gaining some others. We won't have people parking on the fairways anymore. We have two bathrooms and water fountains on the front nine. More room to park. And should see a well manicured and maintained park.

    We are probably looking at a realistic date of Nov. for getting in there to play our first rounds. I am still tweaking a few of the holes and trying to get a feel for how they will play.
    We are hoping it will be in full swing by Oct. We have to redesign the front 9 due to changes in the park layout during construction. We are still working on the new front 9 and have not decided on a layout yet.

    Feel free to check out the forums at for updates about the beast and other courses in the Waco area.
    I havn't seen it, I think they left 2 and 8.
    nuff good players show up where if you don't get one you are sol.
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