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    Real name
    Jamie Thomas
    Jul 15, 1987 (Age: 36)
    Years Playing
    14.8 Years
    Main Throwing Style
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    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    4 / 3.00 star(s)
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    2 1
    Hi Jamie, Nice work on the broadcast. Loved the Metrix, good commentary, mostly good camera work, nice set pieces. All in all well done and thank you for setting the bar. -Steve
    Hey man my main putter is a Cryztal FLX Challenger and I cannot find them anywhere. Is the one that you have for sale?
    wondering what approach you took to get the brewery as a sponsor, What is their sponsor package? what are they donating and how are you promoting them. Im trying to get our local breawery Third Street Brewery involved with sponsoring disc golf event in MN
    I vote we make the Orc your signature disc. Myself, I'm pulling for my name on a Katana!! :)

    Seriously tho, why doesn't the Orc have a player endorsement?
    Sweet man. Well yea, you got a good deal on those straps. They were basically new.

    Anyway, we had the Southside Smackdown yesterday, one of the biggest tourneys of the year. I played Ams against 80 ppl and tied 1st. Not bad. Its Ams, yea, but still not bad.

    Anyway PM me when you come in town.
    Heck yea man. Just msg me before you come. Have you ever played Mobile before? I have played Highland in BR. Tough.
    dude awesome to know. one thing I've noticed since I started doing tourneys is how many of them aren't on forums and then how many people on forums don't seem to compete much or seriously. I want to start doing tournaments now and I'll be grabbing a PDGA# soon. Soon I'll have to focus on putting, maybe I'll even play over the winter (michigan and northern ohio still has plenty of events, time to jump on board).
    I've liked reading some of your posts in the technique section. How good of a player would you say you are? I need to improve my putting and I liked why you wrote in the mental game thing.

    My question though is, do you practice uphill, downhill, and uneven ground putting?
    Good game by your Tigers Saturday. This is getting to be one of the sport's best rivalries!
    he was there after katrina aug. 05 to aug.08 ...very long beard and long hair you wouldnt forget him if you saw him...he was the guy getting all the discs out of the water and returning them..
    how long you been in baton rouge...? just wondering if you knew my brother....he was always out at highland
    Not sure I am gonna have the time to get to Santa Cruz probably next time. Most of the trip will be family stuff with a cpl rounds to get away.


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