• I love to disc, so much that i made my own private course.....

    fishing, hiking/backpacking, nething outdoors
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Casey Shufelt
    Oconto, WI
    May 26, 1983 (Age: 40)
    Years Playing
    21.4 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    41 / 2.74 star(s)
    Voting Record
    860 349
    Unemployed at the moment


    Shu Pond, my little slice of paradise.
    Wittkopf, another one of my doings.
    Badger Park, a little something me and Bloodhammer are working on.

    Other info

    Hmmm, not sure how to describe my playing level, I have played with many ranked players and can hang with them(rarely to i win), i believe i have a very good understanding of the game, built my own private course(Shu Pond), and helped design one(Mikel J. Wittkopf Memorial). I mainly just play cause i love the game and enjoy the hole traveling player gig!!!!!

    I'm trying to get out and play more courses around the state. Kind of just started my course collecting adventures. Look forward to playing a whole lot more in the coming year!
    Yeah, Bagged the Crap out of the Teepads at Diamond

    Played 36 Holes up there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Today (about 38 Baskets and 54 Tees)

    Terry Badlands and Makoshika tomorrow, and Makoshika again Saturday (90+ degrees)

    I'm not sure if I'll get through North Dakota before September runs out of Days :p

    Cherry Picked my 'Best' Teepads for Today's Round (9-2 o'clock Tuesday and Thursday mornings, to get through it all :D)
    Diamomd X is Cooley Cool, doesn't have a Pond though :p

    Didn't get to DX until 6

    I played 1-9 Red, to the top, then gotst some Sunsetting Baskets pics

    Scouted the Black Layout, while I was up there. Then Hiked 10-17 Blue, and threw Pink Barstamp Buzzz further than ever before off 18... musta been that funky Montana 'Twilight Glide'?!?

    Playing a few more times the next couple Days sure is gonna be Awesome :)
    Hey man, I'm planning a trip from Marshfield to Ludington MI next June. I realize it's super early but was wondering if your course would be playable then. You messaged me years ago but I never used the forums. I'm still kind of computer dumb. It would be on our way back. I tried calling the listed number a few (many) years back and it wasn't in service. Figured I'd try again.

    Yeah, I live in Longmont so this is kind of "my area". I'm just a casual rec player, but I'm always up for a round and a brewery, so drop me a line when you get here.

    Guess Jonezey is coming down for Spring Opener again. Gonna do my Fritse and Dam Course whichever day he isn't at O'hyzer. You should come out :)
    Thanks again for rescuing my Leopard dude! I even got it back from the other swamp too, lol!!! It lives still!
    I knew it was at least partly your creation. Nice lines through the wooded areas. For a 9, I really enjoyed it.
    The a**hole who runs the park claimed that we were causing erosion. He said the forest needs time to heal. Bull****. He doesn't want any locals playing there and only wants the course for the campers, so he pulled the baskets to keep us out over the winter. They are supposed to go back in the spring.


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