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    Adam D.
    West Bend, WI
    Jun 6, 1975 (Age: 48)
    Years Playing
    12.2 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    214 / 2.64 star(s)
    Voting Record
    194 174
    Wannabe Engineer/CAD Monkey


    Voodoo/Wizard/Zone x2/Buzzz x2/Leopard x2/Teebird x2/SW/Firebird x2/Orc x2/Destroyer x2

    Other info

    When reviewing courses, I tend to hit the things that matter to me most: quality of baskets, quality of tee pads, quality of golf, and quality of manicuring. I'll add in personal sentiment where appropriate. Amenities are nice, but unless they're over the top (Rollin' Ridge, Bryant Lake pop to mind), I really don't care. Benches at each hole, for instance, don't influence my ratings.

    I tend to prefer wooded courses, or technical courses. I'm a mid 900's rated player (but climbing!) that throws around 400', as a skill guideline. Wide open bomber courses are just not my favorite, even though I do like to throw the occasional bomber hole.

    If you have any questions regarding my reviews, or would like to play a round or ten while within 50 miles of Plymouth, WI, feel free to hit me up! I've played em all, and am always willing to show people around.
    Something like that. Tried to slack it up the other day but couldn't remember the server name.
    Hey, I appreciate the review you did on Wittkopf. (had my hand in on its installation) Wish, you could've made it to the Pond, well, there is always this summer.
    Thanks for the review of the Portage, IN course, it really helped in my selection of the courses in the area. I bagged it last weekend on my way to lower Michigan, solid three with some safety issues.
    IDGC is pretty close, doesn't have the easy Chestnut or Woodland Greens type course tho. I've heard very very good things about the Farragut State Park as well. That just off the top of my head, give me by Saturday and I will have compiled a better list.
    Well, I sure haven't. I had no idea everyone thought I was a piece of ****. I thought you were a friend of mine, would have been nice for someone to tell me this.
    I could perhaps be talked into joining you and maybe even get the Frietag designer to come along. I haven't seen him in a while; long time friend. Let me know if you have a time, you're thinking of being there.
    I've not been there this year. There is an annual event that was probably around the time you were there. I have heard that the local guy; who's property borders the park; has been doing some upkeep this year. This is a good time of year to play there.
    Buddy "needs time to acclimate himself to the winter temps." :) So, I guess we're looking at next Monday.
    Outside chance of me and a buddy coming over your way to knock off new courses tomorrow. Any chance you're off work, or could join us at Meyer over lunch break? If so, send me your phone number in a PM.
    Pins will still be in at Plaman. I'll try to meet you guys out there. Moved almost all pins into the shorts at O'Hauser. Cleared a nice lane on a hole; tees blown clear, trash bags hung and a round played today...with two, two-time, state, pro master's champs. Good day today; think I'm back out to O'Hauser tomorrow.
    yeah, that's a definite con whether you love the course or not. i had a great time at flip despite playing in the rain but was underwhelmed given the reputation and all the hype. super fun course, overrated.

    i sure hope i get the chance to come through there again and play RR with different pin positions. at some point i'd like to get a group to go to highbridge hills. if so, i'll probably stick around an extra week and try to hit more WI courses. it looks like you guys have a whole lot of awesome golf!


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