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    Mar 10, 1985 (Age: 38)
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    13.5 Years
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    35 / 3.03 star(s)
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    Somerset Course Design
    Designing Harder “GREENS”

    Looking For...
    PFN Pro Firebirds, PFN Pearly Champ or Pro Orcs, All Zones, Unique Wizards
    Yes I am planning on going to the Mulligan Stew. I thought you lived in Stillwater.
    I belong to the Baldrog Disc Golf League and will be doing that on the weekends. If Somerset is doing a league during the week, I should be able to do that as well.
    If your going to th MS I will be an old fart with a red jogging stroller.
    Keep me posted, Bill Wilcox
    I see you guys are playing. How much are the fees for leagues. What time you start?
    My name is Bill Wilcox
    Is Nate Garner doing this?
    Hi....curious on any updates you have for the Somerset course..I played it yesterday (4/7/13) and had a great time....REALLY liked the two new additions / holes. Are we expecting more this summer?...how can I help? Monday league coming?
    Hey man, saw you called on sunday. Been super busy lately. We definitely gotta get out and play a round soon. Looks like its going to be pretty rainy thru friday, but tomorrow might be the best shot.

    Let me know
    Well it sounds like you are headed in the right direction :) I don't know the land well enough for the new holes to weigh in but reading this makes me confident it will be great. Any talks of a winter weekend league? When do you typically play?
    Thanks...I'd be happy to lend a hand with labor, etc. when I can. I have 2 kids so don't have as much time as I'd like but would like to be involved for sure. I'd also love to see what the plans are for the expansion.
    Hey there,

    I'll have to make a trip to my family's land in Osceola one of these days and stop on by. Is league in Somerset still on Mondays and what time? I'd be happy to help with recommendations on sources of funding through grants and other outlets after getting a better feel for the direction the group wants to go with it. Glad to hear it's taking off there!
    I loved the next hole wood circles! I am totally stealing that idea. I think as you guys develop it keeping that natural, rugged vibe is the way to go. The boulders, stump signs, and the rubble obstacle on hole 1 add to the vibe. It definitely helps make the course memorable.
    I will write a review for you in the next couple days. I generally don't but since you requested, I'm in. I wanna come back when you get those holes extended and see the improvements.
    I liked the course, and really it's easy to say nice things about a course that was fun to play. I though the design was good. I know me and my buddy will try to make another trip out there once you have more holes in the ground. Keep up the good work.
    The Twin Cities area has a ton of leagues mainly thanks to Tim Gill and John Solberg. Tim is a team Discraft member and he is owner/dealer of an online store and a course designer. John has a special relationship with GGGT for his tournaments and leagues. Throw on top of this that I am running an amateur league (15-20 members) once a month. I am also aware of other leagues out at Kaposia, Red Oak, and Blue Ribbon Pines once or twice a week.

    I hope it works out for you. We are almost at the point where if we want to get out on a certain night there is going to be a league available to play with.

    As for me personally, I do not get much chance to get out beyond my league and maybe a tournament here and there. I am pretty much limited to rec rounds when my schedule allows between everything I have to do with substitute teaching, my wife's schedule, and everything my kids are doing. Most definitely if I am out that way I will look up your league.
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