• happily married empty nester

    DG,Fantasy Football, Magic the Gathering
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Ken Clay
    Oct 29, 1959 (Age: 63)
    Years Playing
    23.3 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    90 / 2.89 star(s)
    Voting Record
    64 23
    Retired Teacher
    Some ideas for groupings/days:

    Gateway/Bear Creek
    Bill Allen/McCord
    Town Lake/Alex Clark
    Harry Myers/The Cedars
    Lake Lewisville/lots of options (North Lake, Trophy Club, Wellington)
    Joshua/Amigo (Cleburne)
    Saddle Hills/Ash Creek (Azle)
    Selah Ranch

    10 days and 10-11 new courses
    Hey man, looking forward to playing some Fantasy Football again this year. Put me in for the free league if you have room and just let me know when the draft is, when to sign in to the league etc. For the record I personally prefer ESPN over Yahoo. Take it easy!

    Marv Vega
    Did you do the M12 prerelease? My 12 year old pulled the new Jace Planeswalker foil, and a green Titan! He also beat me 2:1 in our duel.
    We finally have a local place to play mtg again! I'm going to my 1st FNM event in years. Also my 12 year old son will be going for the 1st time. I'm gonna try a green/blue infect deck.
    that sucks. love morton, but haven't played it worth the drive up? planning on playing the jackson courses next week
    awesome! def all for play in meridian at all? DG is blowing up here in h-burg!
    Awesome. We don't have a store in town that does friday night Magic anymore :( So I Usualy only play the prereleases. I have busted a fat pack (now with 9 packs) and 15 boosters. I can't wait to get some more. Good luck!


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