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    I'm a mediocre disc golfer and long-winded reviewer. :) I'm currently based in Michigan, USA. I played a lot of "object golf" with family and friends growing up, using an Ultimate Frisbee. My first real DG experience was at the old Hickory Hills 24-hole setup in Traverse City, MI - circa 2010. Over the next decade I averaged a couple rounds a year with friends, and my interest in the sport slowly grew. I started playing regularly in June 2020.

    I have played every publicly available course and practice area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The "UP" is also a great vacation destination in general if you like the outdoors - hiking, waterfalls, and other sightseeing opportunities abound. Feel free to ask me for both DG and non-DG recommendations. :)

    Top 10 Favorite Courses:
    These courses stuck the most in my mind and are the ones I would most like to return to. This list does not necessarily mirror the top ten ratings I have given, or what I think the DGCR Top 10 should look like. I have found that courses can be missing features that I think are critical for a 5.0 rating, and yet possess a natural beauty and "it" factor that leaves a lasting impression on me. This is my attempt at capturing that.
    1. Maple Hill - Leicester, MA
    2. Kincaid Park - Anchorage, AK
    3. Rainshadow - Sequim, WA
    4. Superior Pines - Grand Marais, MI
    --- There is a bit of a drop-off after those top four, in my mind. ---
    5. Wilderness - Montello, WI
    6. Sandy Point Resort DG Ranch - Lac du Flambeau, WI
    7. Flip City - Shelby, MI
    8. North Bluff - Gladstone, MI
    9. Nichols Field - East Haddam, CT
    10. Silver Creek Park - Manitowoc, WI
    There are several other courses not listed here that could slide into the 5-10 slots depending on the day.

    Favorite Individual Holes (in no particular order):
    Hole 26 @ Silver Creek Park - Manitowoc, WI
    Hole 3 @ Kincaid Park - Anchorage, AK
    Hole 11 @ Flip City - Shelby, MI
    Hole 24 @ Ionia State Rec. Area - Ionia, MI
    Hole 22 @ Idlewild - Burlington, KY

    1. 18 September 2022 - Art Prize 2022 #135, Grand Rapids MI - Hole #5 100'ish - Westside Swan

    I also have two "Cubby Aces" that I'm proud of:
    1. 13 October 2021 - The Breakers, West Olive MI - Hole #9 220' - 3rd attempt - Innova Teebird
    2. 10 April 2022 - Kenneth J. Lehman Nature Trails, Sidney, MI - Hole #11 (listed at 98', more like 150') - 2nd attempt - Innova Dragon

    Disc Golf Valley:
    Just realized you play a ton and are in the same area as me. Not sure if you are ever in the mood to try a round out together but if so let me know!
    Hearty congratulations on getting over 1000 Yes votes on your reviews! You write great reviews.
    Man, I was hoping Hilltop Meadows would take off! I played it soon after it opened and it was very rough, but had a lot of potential. I'm guessing there isn't much of a disc golf community in the Newberry area. Too bad.
    Just wanted to say I've enjoyed your recent reviews. Keep it up and you'll be Diamond in no time! :)


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