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    Disc shops near Golden Gate Park?

    My nephew will be in the San Francisco area this week and wants to hit Golden Gate Park, which is one of my all-time favorite courses. He didn't bring any discs with him, though. The shops I see nearby on DGCR seem to be closed now. Any recommendations? They'll be staying in Fairfax. Anything...
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part IV)

    After picking up a new N Photon to replace a long-lost one, I realized I now have enough MVP/Axiom/Streamline to fill my entire bag. Gonna try it out, just for fun. Pilot, E Atom, N Axis, N Vector, N Envy, N Virus (x2), N Drift (best plastic ever), N Insanity, old stable N Volt, fission Volt...
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    Four years later...

    Just got some new video. Looks like we still need to master the iPhone slo-mo feature... sorry about that. Apologies, also, for the Seinfeld shoes. Anyway, what needs work here. Bradford #16. Parked the Compass, about 200 feet, downhill. Still falling forward a bit. 05V7ksQdOgU Bradford #15...
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    MVP Feedback Thread - We would love to hear from you.

    Plastics: I love my Fission Volt. More Fission, please. I like the look of Plasma but Fission feels better for me. Plus, I'm a fan of the lower weight. Pilot is the putter mold I was looking for. The disc I'd most like to see is a slow, overstable mid like a Prodigy A2. Also, obviously, the...
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    Review by luckless_pedestrian in course College of Western Idaho

    1.50 star(s) Great grass The grass is amazing. Too lush to get any kind of skip. Hole 8 and 9 are across the canal, wedged between the canal fence and soccer fields. If I play here again I'll skip them. Really short and really flat. Not bad for a quick lunchtime break. I certainly wouldn't go out of my way...
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    [Recommend] Slightly US Fairway

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    [Wanted] Crazy/Unique Misprints

    I have an MD3 with a Beast stamp. Freaks people out.
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    [Recommend] short hard turning disc

    I'd throw a Prodigy A2 here. Other things will skip more but the thing I like about the A2 is that you really can't throw it too far. It's a great utility disc.
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    [Other] Streamline Discs by MVP

    Pilot is the putter I've been looking for. Now I need more. So if you're interested in the contents of my practice basket -- 4 Daggers, Shield, 2 beat Atoms, Crossfire, Rhyno, Aviar, Anode -- let me know. :)
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    [Dynamic] Dynamic Discs Freedom

    Freedom and Destiny were both contenders but right now the Shrike is the leader for this spot. I'd like to try a Sheriff just to compare. But honestly, as my Opto Halo beats in I could see it sliding in here.
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part IV)

    My 165 Fission Volt is turning in to one of my most reliable discs. For a 2-disc round it would be the driver I use.
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    A couple of Charlotte course questions.

    If you get down to Dry Creek I'd suggest Scrapyard, which is in the area. It's not too long, but varied and fair.
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    Review by luckless_pedestrian in course The Scrapyard

    3.50 star(s) Great CLT course Not too long, not too short. Requires all the shots. Rewards accuracy more than distance. Remember that. Water holes are not difficult, but they're water, which is a fun challenge. Very wooded but well-defined fairways. Tee pads are short, which in most cases isn't a problem...
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    [Question] What is this disc worth (Part IV)?

    It's brand new, burgundy, no swirls. Feels nice. Just can't decide if I should start throwing or file it away.
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    [Question] What is this disc worth (Part IV)?

    Is a Star Orc without flight numbers worth anything?