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    Review by mike shoys in course Parque De La Raza DGC

    3.50 star(s) -no easy holes what-so-ever, but none are unfairly difficult. -good for big arms, but well placed shots will get you par. lots of risk/reward. It felt like every tee shot had a limited window to hit, calling for different throws and discs often. -probably not too easy for any skill level. -most...
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    Review by mike shoys in course College of the Redwoods Eureka

    3.50 star(s) *REVIEW TO BE UPDATED: This course was recently expanded to 18 holes and i've heard it's really really nice. can't wait to play it and update you all. -don't think of this as "only a 9 hole" course. its pretty beefy. -awesome job of incorporating existing structures as obstacles -birdies were...
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    A Inexpensive Way to Measure Distance

    i measure distance by standing right where i threw it from and harshly overestimating my power. 450 easy.
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    Is it Cheating?.....

    i don't think its cheating, its just BS. do not feel the need to discontinue bitching...
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    "I like your frisbee purse..."

    biggest misconception about disc golf: "its a stoner sport" but lets not start a pot debate about it...
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    "I like your frisbee purse..."

    quote of the day.
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    Longest hole you've played

    #9 at stafford lake 10XX feet.
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    Graffiti at courses

    he would kick his leg out on the follow through, making contact with the signage and drawing a foul as well.
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    Should top of the basket count?

    no. it should not count.
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    Callous on index finger is this normal?

    i didn't know the space between couch cushions could callous...
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    Callous on index finger is this normal?

    i have large hands and get a callous in the same area. pretty sure we just use the super-secret godzilla grip... thats all. its the most manly of all grips out there, you know. he's just jealous because he can't do the godzilla grip, so he called your hands small.
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    Callous on index finger is this normal?

    no. it is not normal. it is a right of passage. and DG chicks dig it... i suggest immediately tattooing something boastful and arrogant on it...
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    Just when you think you've seen it all on DGCR...

    2.5 JIGGAWATTS!?!?!?!?!
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    America's best Disc Golf Holes

    #6 at Stafford Lake #1 at Garberville #15 at Willits #18 at the Redwood Curtain #8, #14 at Whistlers Bend #12, #27 at De La Veaga and #15 at yo momma house
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    What floats besides a Dragon?

    rhyno roller