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    andrew hampton
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    20.8 Years
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    1 / 4.50 star(s)
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    proxy, atom, particle, entropy, uplink, theory, matrix, resister, relay, clash, resister, orbital, wave, octane, photonPark & Putt

    Other info

    voodoo, demon, mako, flying squarrel,trident, xs, tsunami, monarch, surge



    I putt and throw most upshot with a summit. if i need a fh up shot or it is windy use the vp. just don't feel i need the other putters. i cary 2 summits, 2 obex, 2 trak, 2 ascents and 2 un laces. combo of F and M to get the different flight.
    hey money, why aren't you throwing a ridge or sole? also, do you carry multiples of any of your vibram discs? if so, which ones?
    that would be fun. Moore has a ton of potential too. they just need to get the baskets back and add 9 more
    they could make a sick course up on the hill above campus. I used to play target disc golf in moore park with a ultima disc tons of fun.
    its just a tone pole course :\ they took the baskets out a little while ago because of beer cans and stuff. ive just been playing at crest. wide open lol
    yeah thing are more stable up high. i threw cheetahs when i was down there they were dead straight. they flip in The Dalles. How is moore park?
    Everythings quite a bit more stable up here it seems like. so the DD acts more like a beefy wraith. the volt is money though!!
    no not yet. I did get an apache i think you would like it for your back hand. how has the DD been treating you?
    yeah it is andrew guys on here laugh at my crazy bag too. i use the same user name over on disc golf review as well.
    hey is this andrew? this is weslee. I just saw this thread and remembered you talking about it. then i saw the discs in your signature and figured it had to be you lol
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