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Recent content by Mr. Plow

  1. Mr. Plow

    [Wanted] R Wood Aviar

    Innova does not make these any more, FYI. The only reason we're seeing them come out with CFR stamps is because of DGV, and Mark Molnar releasing old runs of discs. I have some, but I want a ridiculous price for them. I'd stock up now if I were you.
  2. Mr. Plow

    [Wanted] Star special blend augusta wraith

    I have some of the SB Wraiths from the Asia Open. PM me if you're interested in one of those.
  3. Mr. Plow

    The difference between Rhyno and Pig.

    If this is all true, why are people clamoring for a Champ Pig? Obviously JR is talking about a Pro Pig vs. Pro Rhyno, and I've only thrown a Champ Rhyno so I can't imagine something being more overstable with less glide. :shock:
  4. Mr. Plow

    What's the new roc?

    What lowracks said. Sorry about your discs, Dom. I have a massive collection of DX Rocs (mostly Rancho) if that's what your after? I'll hook you up with a few for cheap if you want. Send me a PM. :)
  5. Mr. Plow

    [Innova] Champion TeeBird with the DX Circle Totum Pole stamp!

    I am basing my 2-3 days off of what I normally see when I buy/sell on Ebay, and I buy/sell 500+ discs a year. Even as First Class I never see a disc take more than 3 days to or from Cali. Never. My tracking has yet to show any info, like at all, so I am thinking they didn't even ship them and...
  6. Mr. Plow

    [Innova] Champion TeeBird with the DX Circle Totum Pole stamp!

    Haha, OK. My apologies. :o At least you didn't call discs "frisbees" in yours, unlike someone else who "doesn't want to argue" but won't stop misquoting me. On an unrelated note, I live smack dab in the middle of the US and for some reason it takes UPS a week to get my packages here from...
  7. Mr. Plow

    [Innova] Champion TeeBird with the DX Circle Totum Pole stamp!

    I'm friends with someone who knows Mark Molnar well, so yes, I know what I'm talking about in regards to the stamping process on discs and the Teebird mold specifically (which is one of the only discs I hoard). 1) It's called a FULL COLOR stamp on the Chings, and it's completely different from...
  8. Mr. Plow

    [Innova] Champion TeeBird with the DX Circle Totum Pole stamp!

    Tbird888 is the only one making any sense here. What is up with every talking about "glow molds", CFR molds, etc. in this thread? Innova uses the same mold for all Champ Teebirds (non plus molds obviously), there is no "glow mold" or "CFR mold". The dome and/or flatness of the disc is relative...
  9. Mr. Plow

    [Selling] 1999 Ching Flat Top Rocsssssssss

    Thanks for the input guys, though I wouldn't consider selling them for $25. They'll go to Ebay if I don't get them sold here.
  10. Mr. Plow

    [Selling] 1999 Ching Flat Top Rocsssssssss

    FOR SALE ONLY I have 5 brand new 180 gm Ching Flat Top Rocs with a May 15th-16th 1999 Discovering the World stamp. $40 shipped/ea OBO *I was told to list these at this price, so if it seems high make an offer! Click thumbnail for bigger pic
  11. Mr. Plow

    [Innova] Milky Pearly Crazy Overstable 11x Eagle X

    I owned a flat 150 class 11x Eagle X from the same run of white pearly plastic, and it was overstable as a mofo. I'm guessing this is from the same run as the 150 class 11x pearly TB, which produced some freakishly stable/overstable TB as well. I have a massively huge TB collection and a fair...
  12. Mr. Plow

    [Wanted] Beat to sh!t Rocs

    You're going to have a hard time finding a 6-7/10 Roc with "no serious dings or nicks". Especially when your thread title is "Beat To $H!t", it doesn't compute. Also, 7/10 11x Rocs in the condition you're asking are going to fetch $25+ depending on stamp condition and color.
  13. Mr. Plow

    [Wanted] Small Bead KC/JK Proto Aviars?

    I'm 99.9% sure they've never run the small bead in KC or JK plastic, but since we're talking about Innova anything is possible. Is yours super firm? A lot of the early 2000ish small beads were super firm DX that felt really hard like nice KC plastic. It could even be an Omega if it's not a super...
  14. Mr. Plow

    [Question] Warp speed and small rim?

    PD. It has the Firebird bottom (speed 9), but is rated at speed 10 due to the "anhyzer top". Tons of glide, and available in Champ/Star/Pro so you can get them stable or understable right out of the box based on your preferences.