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Recent content by nothinbuttree

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    DGCR Meet up - Minnesota 2024 - July 13th/14th

    Will Jomez or DGN be providing coverage? Gatekeeper or Discgolfguy? Someone's iphone4? Brownie ISO127? (go ahead, admit you know what this is...)
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    2024 Des Moines Challenge

    Or maybe Simon, being older and wiser, told him "look, I am on the lead card and who people want to see. Not you. Remember that if you want to be my caddy next round". I am curious why he and Buhr parted ways... Well, not really.
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    150 bag for an old fart

    Bought a few Z-lites at my local shop this week, all in the 157g-159g range: (they were about $16 each). scorch (11,6,-2,2)--flies pretty well, slight turn but returns home OK. Bit more speed than I can really take advantage of though. crank (13,5,-2,2); Definitely what I will use into a...
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    150 bag for an old fart

    I have tried a river (7,7,-1,1), but it seems to start out a bit stable but somewhat quickly devolves to understable, even in Opto plastic. Almost like an Innova DX plastic disc would.
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    150 bag for an old fart

    Will check out those two stores, thanks. That cool robot throwing discs in Simon's video comes to mind for precise testing of flight paths. That dude should sell a few of those to every manufacturer. Maybe even some shops could benefit. Buy one of those and a speed gun, and when someone comes in...
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    150 bag for an old fart

    heat (9,6,-3,1); force (12,5,0,3)--strictly for strong wind situations; crank (13,5,-2,2); scorch (11,6,-2,2)--this seems real interesting to me; thrasher (12,5,-3,2); and cicada--a fairway (7,6,-1,1). Unless the required speed at release decreases somewhat with the lighter weights, I am...
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    150 bag for an old fart

    Has anyone tried the newly expanded Z-lite offerings from Discraft? Curious about some of the 9-12 speed stuff. Also, when a disc is lighter, does the speed at release necessary to achieve the stated speed rating (1st number) on the disc change any? For example, if a speed of 65mph (guessing...
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    OTB Open

    How? GB meant Gavin Babcock right? :)
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    2024 dynamic discs open

    We are allowed a pretty big surface area behind the marker that some part of our body (usually foot) must be touching when the disc is released. Seems like it is not asking too much for professional players to abide by that rule. Or am I misunderstanding the rule (or has it changed)? Yes, call...
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    Play It Again Sports Jonesboro Open

    BTW, where did the rest of this thread go?
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    Play It Again Sports Jonesboro Open

    That's why I love playing courses like Idlewild and especially Toboggan, seeing it on a course you are well familiar with is even more amazing. I am constantly commenting to my kids--you know, the top pros end up here on their drives...they just look at me funny and say, well its OK dad, you got...
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    April Fools 2024

    Anything out there this year? I looked a couple places but found nothing, but I am not a big social media person in general...
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    [PDGA Major] 2024 United States Women's Disc Golf Championships

    I wonder if the large scoring spreads are a factor? Obviously the higher to par scores go first, so they would be naturally a bit slower. If four 1040 rated players were behind my sons and me, they'd have plenty of time to work an internet job from the benches on each tee...unless I let them...
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    Go Fund Me for PDGA #33 - Tom Monroe

    Sad to read this! Played several rounds with him at Northside in Gainesville back in the early 90s, when his van was a frequent sight in the parking lot. Bought much plastic from him, probably still have a few, but I wouldn't know which ones exactly. His grunts on long throws still resound. A...
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    Annoying fast players behind you

    I get it. I'm merely offering a different possible way of dealing with it. Unless a course is your back yard, we have little control over who else is playing there. There are different ways of coping.