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    Review by razorsmith.com in course Shawnee Park

    3.00 star(s) Great redesign! Great redesign over the old layout. 18 actual tees and baskets, while keeping some of the flair that made the old course fun. Easy parking all over the place, and easy to get to. Course is pretty well maintained except for around the treelines and creeks, but there are too many...
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    Review by razorsmith.com in course Rowlett Disc Golf Park

    3.00 star(s) Rowlett Course Not Bad Great use of land. Lots of space at the end of the park. Water park, giant kids playground, and community center in the same parking lot. Right behind Rowlett High School. Very easy to get to. Great baskets and teepads. Lots of space, well made, no issues on runups...
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    Review by razorsmith.com in course Breckenridge Park

    3.50 star(s) Breckenridge Park Richardson TX Great park. Lots of variety of shots and elevation mixed in. Good shot shaping for lefties or righties, FH, BH, overhand. Lots of OB when you include the sidewalks mandos added in. Holes 1-3 great RHFH or touch RHBH shots with the creek on the left of all three...
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    How much OB is too much OB?

    The TD mentioned in earlier rounds that the warm-up tourney they used to test the course, everyone was going for it and going OB. Personally I like it because it gives players needing to make a move the opportunity here and there. In the last full round Paul said he would not take a crazy anny...
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    Dion Arlyn 360 smash

    Yeah, that was clean bombed!
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    Is it Worth it to mark up a Disc?

    I don't ink other than initials for tourneys. If I lose and you find happy birthday. I find enough and I have enough so losing one sucks but maybe it's a way of saying they needed it more than me. Happy throwing. Darren
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    Texas courses underwater 2015 edition

    played Lewisville last Thursday. Hole 2 unplayable basket under water. Hole 3 unplayable both teeboxes underwater and basket close. Hole 4 teebox underwater(as you can tell from pic boaters are tying off to the teesign). Hole 7 playable but scary. Don't land short or right. Go long or way left...
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    Disc Golf Cart Pictures and ideas

    i rocked a 2 wheel old school cart for the last 3 years.Thread Here i never had much issue with rough terrain unless it was like a rock trail that even i would have to pay attention to walking. when pulling the tires will go over quite a few things you don't think about. they go down stairs real...
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    [Selling] Forces, Katanas, Vulcans, Buzz SS, and specials

    Bump up. Good stuff. Make me some offers. Happy throwing. Darren
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    [Selling] Forces, Katanas, Vulcans, Buzz SS, and specials

    Profile of the Champ Katana and the 167 Katana. Front and back As well and weight on wraith is 175. Happy throwing. Darren
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    stuck at 415' any tips

    These are all wrong. Just like Jamie says hitting a ball. You want it to go farther, hit it harder, or in this case, throw it harder. https://youtu.be/DZdSXkcjIYU?t=17s
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    [Selling] Forces, Katanas, Vulcans, Buzz SS, and specials

    Hey there. Trying to move some discs I do not throw. Any questions let me know. I do not have weights on some of these. I throw/buy max weight on new plastic so most should be max weight if unlisted (?) but I will try to find out tomorrow. Price includes shipping. Buy the lot or multiples, get a...
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    Jogging Stroller, swiveling or Fixed front wheel?

    My jogging strollers have all been fixed. Hated one aspect about them all. In order for you to turn left or right significantly you have to pick up the front wheel. My buddy uses a swivel and has used my fixed wheel. He likes the swivel better. Personally now I use a 2 wheel ball cart. I...
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    Post a pic of your tombstone!

    Great afternoon in Texas!! Happy throwing! Darren
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    Storage Bins Option #2

    Here's another picture showing discs inside containers. The putter box holds about 16 or so. I could fit more but I keep a condor, minis, and a few other things in that box. The 'Buzz' box has 17 buzzes and 6 judges. Driver box holds 28 drivers packed. Box in car holds about 15 backups...