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Recent content by Spmurphy23

  1. Spmurphy23

    [Wanted] 11x Cheetah

    Looking for an 11x KCP Cheetah to throw. I'll look at anything around a 7/10 or better, 170g or heavier.
  2. Spmurphy23

    [Selling] MVP/Axiom/Streamline Throwers

    I'll take an electron Vector
  3. Spmurphy23

    [Offer] Pro Line Monster

    Side by side for reference
  4. Spmurphy23

    [Offer] Pro Line Monster

    You can determine whether it's an X mold the same way you determine whether and eagle is an x or L mold. Look at the tip of the wing. If there is a small bead (some call it a lip) than it's an X.
  5. Spmurphy23

    [Offer] Pro Line Monster

    Hard to tell whether this is an X or L mold. What is it?
  6. Spmurphy23

    [FSOT] Trunk Cleanout - FR Alphas and More!!!

    Pharoh is 175g and 8/10 Mortar is new 1.5 run
  7. Spmurphy23

    [Trade] Wanting to trade for MVP/Axiom Discs

    I wanna trade you this new Relativity. Special infinite disca VIP club release. I'm interested in the glow FD3 if you're interested in this disc.
  8. Spmurphy23

    [Wanted] Tour series discs

    Can I see a picture of the swirly cannon? I may have a trade
  9. Spmurphy23

    [Wanted] Color Glow Champ Roc3

    I'd like to try a color glow champ Roc3 8/10 or better plz. Trade: Color glow FD (9/10) Opto Scythe (9/10) Opto Claymore (9/10) Color Glow Mortar (8/10) Recon Mortar (new) Frontline-X Mortar (9/10) Champ Mako3 (8/10) Champ Katana Pinnacle Rampage Champ Mamba RPM Discs Kea (gator-like) (9/10)...
  10. Spmurphy23

    [Selling] Another Special Edition Destroyer from Infinite Discs

    Received mine today and not only is it beautiful, this run of *DS feels just right!