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    12.6 Years
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    Pilot- Anvil - ANUBIS - Truths - Verdict - FD - Exodus - CD2 - Firebirds - SLAB - PD2- Cannons
    Ps to everything that happened today. That 11x tie-dye eagle L you gave to mike V aka "agoldpiggie" was for me. He found it and I paid for it. I also got that today, and it is amazing! So thanks again!
    I tried to leave a private message, but it did not go through.
    There is no difference, I just like them because I know they will be exactly like the others I throw and I know they will be beadless.
    Honestly no, they just started hitting the chains. All [of the first 5] were on my home course, so I had played all of the holes more than enough times to know how to throw them (or screw myself over mentally?). I was basically playing everyday at the time, so that more likely than not had something to do with it. Being unemployed+young and living 10-12 minutes away didn't hurt either lol
    Saw your post regarding discy_rivers aces, figured I'd chime in and say it took me 7 years to get an ace...and two or three weeks later I had 5:wall:

    Funny how some things work out, no?
    ohhh, my bad. the 12x firebird is solid. it techinically flex's but its a solid disc. i admit its physically not as hard as a brick but its stiff. i think really bending it would tak some effort and it would destroy the disc. Im happy you like the discs. I just hate to hear if someone was unhappy. Thanks again. Let me know. Im gonna put a new post up prob with some ce and other oop. Hit me up anytime. Matt
    Btw that ce aviar. Amazing. Thanks so much. I hope you were happy with what u got., let me know about the firebird if interested.
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