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Recent content by The Mickstar

  1. The Mickstar

    [Drivers] Kastaplast STÅL - Overstable Fairway Driver

    I know this old, but I know you're still active on the forum... I'm looking for an OS fairway/control driver that's less beefy with a little higher distance potential than a typical Firebird, but still predictable & trustworthy into any headwind. Since I love K1 plastic, and the Stal has been...
  2. The Mickstar

    Westside VIP Ice Orbit Hatchet vs K1 Falk

    From what I've read, the Falk is an odd duck that actually gets MORE OS as it beats in. Mine hasn't been thrown enough to confirm or deny that, though. I can say that it feels & flies fantastic.
  3. The Mickstar

    [Prodigy] Archive midrange

    Is this disc as deep as the YouTube reviews make it sound? It sounds like it has the flight I want (reliable into a headwind, good glide for its stability, reliable pushing fade), but I like beadless, shallow discs. For reference, I have a Discmania Method in Vapor plastic that's close to what...
  4. The Mickstar

    MVP Pixel - Electron blends

    What do you mean by, "soft and regular Pixels close"? To each other?
  5. The Mickstar

    MVP Pixel - Electron blends

    For background... I have the Envy in Electron & Electron Soft. They're pretty close as far as flexibilty & grip goes, but I prefer the Electron Soft slightly. I also have the Nomad in Electron Firm. I have issues missing left with it because it's too slick and slips a little. I also...
  6. The Mickstar

    Westside VIP Ice Orbit Hatchet vs K1 Falk

    I ended up getting a translucent pink K1 Falk. You are correct, it's more stable than my VIP Hatchet. Saint is a good approximation for stability. The Falk feels fantastic and still made the bag, just not in the slot I was expecting.
  7. Hole #N/A

    Hole #N/A

    Course Sign
  8. Hole #1 Tee Sign

    Hole #1 Tee Sign

  9. The Mickstar

    Review by The Mickstar in course Weldon Spring DGC

    2.50 star(s) Fun little course, perfect for beginners! Brand new Gateway Titan Pro-24 baskets. Brand new tee signs with directional arrows that all appear to list correct distances. Park is very well maintained. Bathroom & drinking water on-site. Great course for beginners with very low probability of...
  10. Hole #1 Tee

    Hole #1 Tee

  11. Hole #1  Approach

    Hole #1 Approach

  12. Hole #2 Tee Sign

    Hole #2 Tee Sign

  13. Hole #2 Tee

    Hole #2 Tee

  14. Hole #2  Approach

    Hole #2 Approach

  15. Hole #3 Tee Sign

    Hole #3 Tee Sign