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    The Ask MJ & Comet Love Thread

    MJ, you're my boy! I have a channel on YouTube and a small startup out of central Michigan that are devoted to disc golf and I reference you all the time! Fell absolutely in love with the comet because of you and because Big Jerm put his fundraiser stamp on a Z comet a few years back and I...
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    Does Paige Pierce throw a mixed bag??

    I could have sworn I heard Terry say during the coverage today that Paige was throwing a Dynamic Discs convict. In fact that it was the disc she aced with during mixed doubles.... Does she throw a bag with other discs besides prodigy??
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    [Recommend] Upshot disc

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    Do you throw an autographed disc?

    I had one of the early early runs of color shift Titanium Buzzzes that Nate Doss signed. There were only like 50 that he put his sig on. I wanted a color shift Ti Buzzz and I wanted Ti before anyone else I knew had it so I bought it for $30. Threw it twice and the signature wore off. I wasn't...
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    [Innova] Boss me around

    Try and get your hands on a Z or an ESP Banger GT. The ESP is OOP and Zs are limited but I think dynamic discs might still have a few..? Or eBay. The grip track is so natural and the bead is huge. Best driving putter I've thrown.
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    [Discraft] TI Buzzz vs Z Buzzz moldwise

    My Ti buzz is 177g and fits perfectly between my 170g Z and 180g Z Buzzzes.
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    Your Gamechanger Disc?

    Can't let this go unappreciated.
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    Your Gamechanger Disc?

    The zone. Hands down. I reach for it all the time. Shots up to 250'. It's so dang predictable. Even for skips. I know exactly how much hyzer I need to get it to sit and stick or skip to a gap. It's totally changed my game.
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    Best "feeling" disc ever...

    GL river or OG wizard. It's a tie.
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    Favorite putter?

    I putt with organic wizards. One with a large stamp so it's a little flatter and it's beat to pretty neutral. Upshots are ESP zones. So consistent. I also carry an ESP banger.
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    Fairway Driver Lineup

    I've been throwing a lot of fairways lately. Sacrificing distance for more control, and I need some form improvements with drivers. I used to just throw a Star Teebird and a GL River. But I've since added a champ eagle and a Z XL. Also a Pred if you consider that a fairway driver.
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    [Discraft] Tell me about the nebula.

    I really like the one I picked up, and I know the distributor has 20+ more. All mint green with the team stamp like mentioned by someone earlier. I like them way more than the hornet personally. And the ESP blend in the team runs is so nice.
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    Any love for this disc?

    I love my teebirds, but I would take an XL over a TL any day. The only "L" mold I've ever actually liked was an FL.
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    [Wanted] DX vipers.

    I have a yellow one. Barely thrown. I think it's max weight but I'd have to look to be sure. I like rouges!
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    [Discraft] Tell me about the nebula.

    So the search function didn't turn up exactly what I wanted regarding this disc. I picked one up with some prize money at a tourney and have been throwing it here and there. Clearly it finishes more stable than a buzzz, but so far I haven't gotten a feel for how it behaves at different levels of...