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    DGCR Aces 2023

    Congratulations! I got a Mother's Day ace as well. Hole 6 at Jones park in Holly Springs, NC. 283' downhill wooded hole. My tee shot on 19 hit the basket so I almost had 2 aces in one round.
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    North Carolina Courses

    Have you been to Runaway Rocks / Rocky Ford? Dave now has 2 complete 18 hole courses and he recently created a Gold layout that combines the two into a really long 18 hole course. Of course there is the 18 hole tiki layout as well.
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    Most Inexplicable Throw

    I saw a buddy throw a shot on hole 2 a Cedar Hills in Raleigh a few years ago that was not thrown as a roller but.... As the disc landed, it got up on its edge and started rolling downhill towards the basket. It hit and then rolled up an 8" diameter tree about 2- 2 1/2', bounced backward...
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    DGCR Mobile Apps

    I have both the old DGCR and the newer DGCR apps (I think I paid a couple of bucks for the newer one). I use the new version to search for courses when I am in unfamiliar territory & I used it to keep score back when I kept score. I had difficulty accessing my stats and courses played on the new...
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    North Carolina Courses

    Joe Eakes is a rare course where if your disc goes into the trees, there is a better than average chance it will stay up in the trees.
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    North Carolina Courses

    Castle Hayne is probably the most highly regarded. Joe Eakes is a fun loop as well.
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    North Carolina Courses

    I haven't played there in a few years but the bees did love to chase folks then too.
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    North Carolina Courses

    Oddly enough, beside Horizon I’ve played all of mine since then.
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    North Carolina Courses

    Dry creek was always one of my favorite CLT courses. You know, back in the day before it wanted to destroy my soul with length.
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    North Carolina Courses

    I’m not very good at internetting. Didn’t see original post date. I thought it really odd that I’d have more than you. I haven’t really bagged in a few years since my knee got janky.
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    North Carolina Courses

    I played Forest Ridge last Saturday with my buddies and we all were duly impressed. Based on the amount of effort that has gone into the tee pads, it seems like they have the permanent layout already set. Fun NC woods golf.
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    North Carolina Courses

    I have played 114 public and 12 private courses in NC. So I guess I have you beat by a few.
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    Indoor Disc Golf Course??

    It was Paul
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    Buckhorn DGC New Hill, NC

    For anyone traveling to BH, the local news just reported the emergency sirens for the nuclear power plant across the lake will be being tested this week between 7-5 this week. Mulligan is authorized if the siren messes with your shot.
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    Is it ethical for pros to play in their local tournaments?

    World Champ Elaine King has been to many work days in my area. She can rip vines out of trees like you can't believe. She even helped with the installation of River Bend park and Diavolo.