• Playing since the 70's addicted since 2010

    Disc Golf
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Tripp Weiland
    Raleigh NC
    Oct 27, 1969 (Age: 54)
    Years Playing
    21.5 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    5 / 3.70 star(s)
    Voting Record
    870 402

    Other info

    Unlisted Private Courses Played:
    1. Country Course, Louisburg, NC- Aces on Holes 9 & E
    2. Rocky Ford, Kittrell, NC
    3. Rocky Ford Tiki- Ace on hole 8
    4. Runaway Rocks-Original, Kittrell, NC
    5. Sunshine Acres Raleigh,NC
    6. Moccasin Creek, Zebulon, NC
    7. Unity Farms, Louisburg, NC (RUG layout)
    8. Runaway Rocks- new 18 (est. 2019) Kittrell, NC Ace hole 18
    9. The Spine, Vilas, NC
    10. Birdie Banks, Garner, NC
    11. Avery's Spring, Brevard, NC
    12. Tall Timberz, Kitrell, NC
    Nah Metchosin isn't very far if you've got a car.. Pender you might be able to work in.. The course has been here for 30+ years 27 holes. Tight wooded and shortish.. Listed as Golf Island Disc Park, hell by October we might even have disc golf on the ball golf course.. Wide open bombers..

    Come over in the morning, play all day and catch the 4:20 to Vancouver, BC

    October's a ways away, you can try posting on that Canadian corner.. Manburglarlar is from Victoria
    So I have a Renegade of yours. You and Gary ever going to be able to get over the issue between you guys. Kinda miss playing with you both at the same time.
    We play the IBM course very often. Mostly during the week at lunch (noon) or after work (4:00 ish). You're welcome to join sometime if you can make those. If not, we play on the weekends as well, but tend to try out other courses so we aren't playing the same one all the time. But would happily play it on a weekend if you want to give it a run and that's the only time you can make it.

    I'll be working overnight in Raleigh next Monday and Tuesday- I'll probably try to play Monday afternoon when I get into town and sometime Tuesday if you wanted to meet for a round
    LOL just found Cedar Hill Park in nashville. might just have to go there so i have 2 cedar hills in my list. but there is a 4.19 rated course nearby too....
    The Atlanta tourney schedule worked out so i will get to play 2 rounds. there are 2 courses within a few miles of my hotel. they both look hard but fun. they are both in my wishlist (e roswell and willis park)


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