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    Disc Golf Wholesale

    I'll share my recent experience with you, Grip. I actually just got a shipment from them at the end of last week. I wanted to stock up on a bunch putters for my practice basket and i figured i could buy like 17 of those and some fairway driver back ups. I put in an order for a bunch of...
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    Has DGCR Peaked?

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    Discraft/Disney Star Wars franchise partnership.

    She has those double sided light sabers.. no doubt. :hfive: Anywho, I'm sure for newbies or nerdies i could see these being a decent seller. Not, sure how much you gotta pay disney though. Never been a star wars fan myself, but if you could somehow make a GoT themed run of discs I would buy them
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    DGPT Drops New Media Outlook for 2019

    So.. I've wanted to ask this question for a while, and almost started a thread some time ago... Whatever happened to McFlysoHigh? He was the best cameraman and had 4k when ccdg maybe just started to have 720 videos. I know he went to prodigy, but last year i'm pretty sure that stuff coming out...
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    2019 Pros Switching Sponsors Official Thread

    This just in... Bradley Williams drops innova his disc sponsor and has been seen out in a Texas field throwing Discraft
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    2018 Master Cup Santa Cruz, CA

    Damn. No CCDG MPO coverage!? I feel like this is almost as sad as them changing the name and ending on the golf course. The times they are a changin'. :thmbdown:
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    Struggling to have a normal putt

    Well, it depends, what most do you find awkward about putting? Could be putter depth/ tackiness or slickness of putters making your releases sloppy. Hand shape/size? Or it might be that your unbalanced, or have too much movement, or poor weight shift. There's a lot that could be going wrong. Oh...
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    Central Coast Disc Golf - CCDG vids

    I'm a huge fan ofyour vids and even though i'm hungry for more. Personally, Id just wait for the whole round to come out. Great turnaround this weekend. You guys were a well oiled machine coming out with top-notch videos so fast. Props!(Note to self must support CCDG on Patreon!) :thmbup:
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    European Open 2016

    As a pro DG Youtube watcher, I think most of the work Spin TV does is really good. Every once in while, they will drop the ball on the quality of a video here and there. But, graphics and video wise, pretty pretty pretty good. And for commentating i think its fine, that ones super subjective. I...
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    Santa-Cruzmas! - Starter Pack Challenge Teaser - Fun with Paul and friends

    I think this was the funniest thing since the Iron Leaf in the DG youtube game! Way to get something like this together, and to have some fun. Now lets watch some Disc Golf! amIrite!?
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    Illianasconsinigan Members (Part III)

    BLIND BEAVER 2 Another glow Event at Bevier Park, in Waukegan, September 19! Bring Your Own Partner- 20 Bucks Per Team. Player sign-up 6-7pm. Just mids and Putters
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    [Selling] Skull birdie beads

    hey, i was wondering if u could answer a question of mine. I want to make like 20 of these for the club im in for the 2015 season, using 550 paracord, what bead size do i use. Thx
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    [Selling] Sparkle/Legend Legacy - MVP PROTON Stormtrooper

    Cool Stamp with a nod to hunter S. Thompson! Thinking about it and looking at my wallet.... :confused:
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    [Selling] Brand Spankin' New Innova Competition Bag - Gun Metal/Black

    is there anything wrong with it, don't like the color? just curious. i have a buddy thats been eyeing these competition bags