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Carthage, NC

Camp Durant DGC

Permanent course
3.335(based on 3 reviews)
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Camp Durant DGC reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14 years 179 played 120 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Summer Camp 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 25, 2013 Played the course:once


Layout - Nice mixture of shots throughout the course. You'll have to work the disc through tight gaps at different parts of the fairway. Good mixture of hole length. There are a few open holes to mix it up including one bomber.

Nice elevation changes on parts of the course and it's used well. You have to shape shots while also going up or down.

Two pads and they drastically change each hole for the most part. I played the whites which combined some more simple holes to some that were challenging. I found the whites to be fun and varied to keep it interesting.

The blue tees all looked to be incredibly challenging, definitely designed for experienced and skilled players. On many blue holes you'll have to hit a very tight gap early and late while getting good distance on the disc.

Challenging green areas, some that will make you think about your placement off the tee and on approach.

Good course flow, not confusing and no weird transitions. It goes through the camp in a way that seems to avoid all of the other aspects of the place well enough.

A few holes where the lake somewhat comes in play, no real danger or water crossings but a few baskets are within 50' of the water.

Atmosphere - Camp Durant is an awesome and beautiful place. The course weaves through different parts of it and the scenery changes as you go through. Parts have some old hardwood areas and then you get an open field and then in to some more piney areas. Because it's a boyscout camp you'll probably be mostly alone while playing and it's got that serene feeling.

Equipment - Newer baskets with yellow poles and flags on top to make them easy to see. The pads are a boxed in tiny gravel/dirt mixture that actually works pretty well.


Layout - I wish some more open holes could be incorporated and maybe the water was brought in to play more. I think it could have been possible to make some longer wooded holes and get some par 4/5's in.

There's just some holes that are maybe to simple and straight forward from the whites.

The blues looked to be brutal in some places, maybe overly challenging and unfair.

Equipment - No tee signs and they are needed with some blind shots. The gravel/dirt pads may be an issue for some. The baskets are the bottom shelf DGA sort, there were some spit-throughs.

Other Thoughts:

I grew up as a boyscout and I came to Camp Durant for about 5 straight summers. I loved that place as a kid and can only wish they had disc golf back then and I could of found the sport I love so much now back then.

It's great that the BSA is now promoting the sport to a younger generation and this course goes a long way in growing our sport.

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Gold level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 14.4 years 793 played 59 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Great layout, rough around the edges 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 4, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


The design of this course is great! Elevation changes, Short Ace runs, long wide open bombs, this course has a great balance of holes. The greens had role away potential on many occasions and risk reward shots abound on this course.

It seems like several different courses in one. There are thick hardwood forests, open fields, and then the sandhill pine wood holes on the back 9 that feel like Pine cone crush

Bathrooms at several places near teepads on the course

You are not gonna get lost once you find hole 1 the directional signage is great.

even though the tee pads are natural they are level and have some sort of grit that I found myself liking more than concrete in some ways.

The shorts are not too tough for beginners. They are difficult and yet gettable in many cases for a player with less experience. And the longs will challenge seasoned players (2 1000+ rated players shot 54)


Its new and the Leaders of the camp are committed to creating a better course and putting in the work so by next year these issues could be gone and the course could be 4*

There are no tee signs with distance or hole maps so several holes require scouting out to find where your going to throw.

Also many of the undergrowth issues are on the front 9 most of the back 9 holes are really clean.

There are brush piles close to the fairways and still trees down in some places across the fairways.

The rough is VERY rough sometimes I threw just a little offline and found myself with nothing in a bunch of undergrowth.

(these issues are with holes 2-7 & 9, excluding 5)The long pads are almost too tough. They are one or two cut trees away from being tough but fair on most holes. There was literally NO chance of reaching the basket from the longs. The gaps available do not give you enough room to put the power needed to get to the hole. Hole 9 in particular comes to mind because even a perfectly placed drive in the center of the fairway leaves you looking at a wall of trees with maybe a gap that is 2-3 discs width.

It needs to be played. I would imagine that this course as new as it is has not been played a lot and its not very beat in.

No trashcans or benches

Other Thoughts:

It is awesome that The BSA is starting to promote DG and the course that has been put on this camp is excellent. It is new and i struggled giving it a 3.5 due to the current condition so I am between a 3 and a 3.5. However I believe that by next year when I play the PDGA the issues I stated will be fixed and very few people on here will play this course outside of tourney play. Also the more I thought about it the higher rating I wanted to give it so I rounded up in this case. I could easily see this course becoming a 4-4+


For those of you reading this trying to decide if the PDGA tourney is worth it do yourself a favor and sign up! the atmosphere for the tourney was great and the facilities were excellent. Lunch cooked on site, you can stay overnight in the heated cabins at the camp, and the staff that runs the camp and event were awesome. If registration was open right now I would sign up again tonight. Can't wait til next year when I can play the course again!
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Experience: 14.6 years 30 played 7 reviews
3.50 star(s)

First Annual Durrant Classic 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 4, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


Awesome layout centered around the historic O.S.R lands and Camp Durrant Boy Scout Camp Occoneeechee Council. Awesome amount of space for a massive summer camp and plenty of room for an awesome DG course!. Tee boxes were well lined and defined, I REALLY liked to type of grit that they laid down (Henry wouldnt tell me what it was...secretive BSA..) was firm but gave just enough when you power off the tee. I like the back nine especially, way more open lines for approaches (see cons for front nine) some of the holes ran along the lake so water danger on 14 and 15 and maybe if you can bomb it on 12 which was a huge 500footer across a beautiful open field of rolling grass ending with the lake if you managed to roll wrong, watch the brair patch at the end by the lake. Had a couple awesome little holes that cut from the field back into the woods with dogleg. Awesome people out there, the Durrant staff opened the grill for the tourney and camp sites for people to stay at. Was an amazing time!


The front nine are brutal. Im not even a ranked player, so my opinion may be off, but holes 2 and 3 especially.. the pro tees squeeze 50 feet out to a 4-5 foot wide fairway (nothing fair about it) then opens up again then closes again 100 feet up closed in by heavy woods on both sides. Very very tough two holes there. I think a few key trees pull down would allow for a bit more "fairness" on the fairway. Other than the tightness, its a new course so the small branches, lots of underbrush with dead limbs and such, all that will be cleared out as people play it more. Not many cons here. just needs some time to mature.

Other Thoughts:

Bathrooms a'plenty along with trashcans and you may even hit a scout or two shooting bottle rockets and potatoes into the field driving off tee 8.... :p
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