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Pizza God
  • Pizza Guy who flings discs in his spare time
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Bryan James
    Years Playing
    36.3 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    608 / 2.75 star(s)
    Voting Record
    221 25
    Updated Course Conditions
    Pizza Guy

    Other info

    I have now played 1832 courses

    Started playing Disc Golf in April of 1988, got my PDGA number for Am Words in 1990.
    Carrollton Open TD for 14 years
    Was the 1992 Am Worlds Putting Champion
    Last PDGA Region 11 Coordinator
    1st PDGA Texas State Coordinator
    2013 Honorable Service Award from Lone Star Lasers Club
    2016 Charter member of the Texas Disc Golf Hall of Fame

    Here is a list of the 76 courses I have played not on this web site.

    Missouri (1)
    McClelland Park (18) - Joplin - New (Blue) championship course

    Nevada (1)
    Las Vegas - Lions Memorial Park - It was the 1st park in Vegas and was removed years ago

    Kansas (2)
    Wichita - Evergreen Park (18) - Temp set up for 1990 Am Worlds
    Stockton - Stockton Correctional Facility (5)

    Illinois (1)
    Carbondale - Southern Illinois Campus - Course has been moved.

    Michigan (1)
    River Bends Lower - used for 1991 Am worlds

    Indiana (1)
    George Washington Park East - Temp used for 1992 Am Worlds

    Arkansas (5)
    North Little Rock - Burns Park - OG single chain course was located where the Tennis courts are now
    North Little Rock - Burns Park 2.0 (later known as "Green")
    Fayetteville - Gulley Park - 1st course in that area, was removed a few years ago
    Jasper - Horseshoe Canyon short course
    West Memphis - ASU Mid South (9) - OG 9 hole layout totally redesigned

    Tennessee (3)
    Memphis - 9 holes located north of town, was removed years ago
    Memphis - Shelby Forest - original 18 course
    Nashville - Centennial Park - 1st course in Nashville, 9 holes were moved to 7 oaks

    Oklahoma (6)
    Ardmore softball park - 18 hole temp course that they use to leave the baskets out all the time.
    Community Park - Moore - course was destroyed in the F5 tornado and not replaced
    Dolese Youth Park, Oklahoma City - Original "woodpecker" course
    Elmer Thomas DGC, Lawton - Original single chain course, 100% redesign
    Ninnekah - Whitetail Acres (18) - Private course with 9 targets and 18 tee's
    Tishomingo (7) - Tishomingo unlisted Re-tire course not upkept

    Bahamas (2)
    Coco Cay - Temp course for the Disc Golf cruise 2006
    Grand Stirrup Cay - Temp course for the 2018 Disc Golf Cruise

    Texas (53)
    Arlington Kelly Park - Temp course used for VPO years ago
    Arlington Veterans park - Original layout
    Austin - SeaWrong - set up for tournaments mostly, is Searight played backwards
    Carrollton - Greenbelt A - Old original layout
    Carrollton - Greenbelt B - Old original layout
    Carrollton - North - set up for 1 year (2008-2009)
    Carrollton - West - Set up for 1 year (2008-2009)
    Carrollton - Jimmy Porter - Original layout
    Carrollton - Kelly Blvd - set up for icebowl a few years ago
    Coppell - Original 9 hole course that was moved
    Crowley - Bicentennial Park OG (18)
    Dallas Baptist - 9 hole course on campus
    Dallas - EBR - removed because baskets kept getting stolen
    Dallas - Lake Highlands Park - 1st course in Dallas area, baskets were moved to BB Owen
    Dallas - Flag Poll Hill - Used for a few tournaments
    Dallas - Reverchon Park - Used for a mini tournament
    Dallas - White Rock Lake (Stone Tables) - set up for Texas 10 and other tournaments
    Denton - TWU Golf Course - set up for DD does Denton tournament.
    Denton - UNT campus - obstacle course played by students
    Denton - 9 holes set up to show the city of Denton disc golf (by John Houck)
    Ft. Worth - Eagle Ranch - original 7 hole course
    Ft. Worth - Ideal Golf Ranch - Fly18 course removed due to property sell
    Ft. Worth - Riverside Community Park - Temp set up by Funkytown Flyers
    Ft. Worth - Sagamore Baptist Church - unlisted private course behind a church
    Glen Rose - Riverbend Retreat Center (9) - unlisted church camp
    Grand Prairie - temp course set up to show disc golf (by John Houck)
    Grand Prairie - Mountain Creek - the original 9 layout, totally different that the current layout.
    Grapevine - Private school course (must have chaperone)
    Irving - Victoria park - 9 holes originally, then used 9 holes to make 18
    Krum - back yard private course set up for fundraiser tournament.
    Live Oak - City Hall Course - Used for Texas 10 and Live Oak Open
    McKinney - Wilson Creek OG 10 hole course expanded to Alex Clark
    Mesquite - Temp course set up to show city disc golf
    Oak Point - Mission 22 - Private
    Plano - Frito Lay (18) - VERY private course, you MUST have permission to play.
    Plano - Shawnee - Original 9 hole layout
    Princeton - Community Park - Original 9 hole layout
    Red Rock - Moody's Country Club - Ian's Course
    Red Rock - Moody's Country Club - Blue (I consider the White course as the regular course)
    Richardson - Breckinridge Park (18) Temp set up by city for a 1 day event
    Rocky Ridge Ranch - private course that closed near Stevenville
    San Antonio - Blossom park - 1st course in San Antonio (designed by Father Dave Tayloe)
    San Antonio - McClain wrong - McClain backwards layout
    San Antonio - 7 Oaks - best tournament course there ever was
    Sanger - John Porter - Temp course for a fundraiser
    San Saba Straw bail field - property sold
    San Saba - River Course - property sold
    San Saba - Meadows - property sold
    Tatum - Luminant Company Park - private company unmarked course
    The Colony - BB Owen - original 9 hole course
    Trophy Club - Trophy Club Park - Original 9 hole layout
    Waco - Cameron East - Temp course, pre Beast.
    Waelder - The Ranch (18) - Private unlisted


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    You tried to play all the school 9 holes in KC? I feel bad for your boredom.
    Pizza God
    Pizza God
    I got several of them in this summer. One trip hit a bunch on MO side, another hit the ones on KC side. Now that school is back in session, I can only hit them in the late afternoon. I do have a school course on this weeks agenda, actually going to try to hit it last.
    Can't edit my "other information"

    Can't figure out the Media section, much less add anything to it and I have over 10K course pictures loaded.

    No more trip logs? I have been keeping track of my disc golf trips this way, is that totally gone now?

    In all honestly, I have yet to find any improvements, I am not a happy camper and I have been a HUGE supporter of DGCR for years.
    Yeah. Been gold crown from day 1 (2009). Still willing to give it a chance, but high hopes have been dashed so far. The honeymoon might be over.
    you can edit your other information, its easy now.
    Pizza God
    Pizza God
    Very cool, got my profile updated, now I need to update my course list with all the new courses I have played in the last few weeks.
    • Like
    Reactions: lion
    Bryan, a new practice area popped up on UDisc nearby at a local (to me) elementary with 5 baskets set into a short "course" layout. Check out Cottonwood Creek Elementary in Coppell for more info. That'd be a short trip and quick round for you.
    Thanks for the post/review of the two baskets in Las Colinas. I wanted to give it a thumbs up, that is not an option. If the baskets are 100-150 feet apart, I would travel just to work on approach shots.
    Sorry, I just saw your message. I think we met long ago at the original Jimmy Porter, but that's been years ago. I haven't figured out anything else about that Arlington course. Just played it the one time. Let's you and I find a time to play a round together. We can even trade DGCR travel tags. Are you ever available to play midweek in the morning or afternoon?
    Pizza God
    Pizza God
    LOL, it only took 5 years for us to get a round together. Just read and remembered this message from a long time ago.
    Howdy Bryan. Next time you are this (West Texas) way, contact me. I like your reviews (well mostly, ha). I always like good constructive input on my courses. I'm on FB also.


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