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    DGCR Number
    Real name
    John Ryan
    Apr 22, 1981 (Age: 43)
    Years Playing
    21.7 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    23 / 2.91 star(s)
    Voting Record
    39 30
    Updated Course Conditions
    Avionics Tech


    Legacy for LIFE

    Other info

    Current Course Count: 1609

    Private Courses:

    1.The road to nowhere ( central Cali, CA) 19 holes
    2. Air Park (Devour, CA) 5 holes
    3. Dorfotti Back forty (Temecula, Ca) 18 holes*
    4. Deluz disc golf club (Temecula, CA) 19 holes
    5. Oso Libre winery (paso Robles, CA) 18 holes
    6. Rose Ranch (Watsonville) 18 holes 4.5 rated course
    7. Camp Emannuel Pines (Prescott, AZ) 18 holes 2.0 rated course
    8. Idyllwild Pines (18 holes) Pine Cove, CA
    9. Lake Hemet (6 holes) mountain center, ca
    10. Bones 18 holes flagstaff
    11. Old Mund OG Tree Course 18 holes flagstaff
    12. Old mund Canyon Course 18 holes Flagstaff
    13. Jamul DGC 18 holes Jamul, CA
    14. Pathway of the Gods 20 holes Wisconsin, Maiden Rock
    15. Eaglet - 9 holes Pepin WI
    16. Diamond View DGC 18 holes Susanville, CA
    17. Lake Siskiyou aka North Shore DGC, 18 holes Mount Shasta CA
    18. Hughson Hill Kingman, AZ 18 holes
    19. East Dairy, Branson AZ 18 holes
    20. Charles Hill - Santa Cruz CA 9 holes
    21. Mount Hermon Conference Center -Felton, CA 9 holes
    22. SoHum Community park redesign 10 holes - Gaerberville, CA
    23. Pence DGC 10 holes (Phelan, CA)
    24. Entropy Ranch 18 holes (Pioneertown, CA)
    25. Shpongolia 18 holes (Sunrise, Alaska)
    26. Stenger Palace 18 holes (Healy, Alaska)
    27. Peace and Tranquillity in Fiddletown, CA 18 holes
    28. The Boneyard (JP OIL Employee private course) Shafter, CA 18 holes
    29. Shorty's Kids Course Watsonville, CA 18 holes
    30. Phil's Fury, Mountain Ranch, CA 9 holes
    31. Telegraph Disc golf course, Chula Vista, CA 9 holes
    32. Welty's, Temecula, CA 18 holes
    33. Silver Star Ranch, grass valley ca 18 holes
    34. Alpine Meadows, Alpine Meadows, ca 9 holes
    35. George Young Park DGC Westwood, Ca 18 holes
    36. Howard Park Redesign in Ione, CA 18 holes
    37. Navajo County Complex in Holbrook, AZ 18 holes
    38. R-Ranch in the Sequoias in johnsondale, CA 9 holes
    39. Sweet Water Ranch- Jamul, CA 18 holes
    40. 4 Corners DGC - Jamul, CA 18 holes
    41. Church of disc golf - Coalinga, CA 18 holes
    42. Crestline lower 18 camp, redesign 18 hole par 60
    43. The vault Prescott, AZ 18 holes
    44. Legacy Williams, AZ 6 holes
    45. Moccasin DGC in Moccasin, ca 9 holes
    46. monte vista elementry school Simi Valley, Ca 5 holes
    47. Matilija Middle School - Ojai, Ca 9 holes
    48. The Colony Alpha 18 holes Murrieta CA
    49. Country Oaks Elementary 9 holes Commerce Charter Township, Michigan
    I have also played these other temp

    1. UC Irvine black course 18 holes
    2. UC Irvine white course 18 holes
    3. Oak Grove Winter Time Layout (2008-2012) 18 holes
    4. Long Beach Horse Shoe Lake 18 hole
    5. Palm Desert Golf Course Temp 18 holes
    6. Crescenta Valley Safari 18 hole temp course
    7. Cottonwood 18 holes (el Cajon, ca)
    8. Palm Royale DGC 18 holes
    9. Desert Dunes Golf Club 18 holes
    10. Jserra Catholic High School 13 holes
    11. Copper Ranch Gilbert 9 holes
    12. Helix Temp @ Victoria Park 9 holes
    13. Helix Temp @ Sunrise Park 12 holes
    14. The Discovering the World Lower Course 2022, 18 holes
    15. California Junior Championships 2022 temp course 18 holes
    16. SilverRock Park - Helix Temp - La quinta, ca 18 holes
    17. Arcadia Golf Course - Arcadia, CA 18 holes
    18. Say-hah-Lee golf course - Clackamas, OR 18 holes

    DGCR Deleted course 2011

    1 course played that was deleted on this site.


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    Unfortunately I can't help you with anything on that side of the site, only TimG has admin powers outside the forums. He's usually really quick to respond if you shoot him a bug report though.
    What do you think of all the new elevated baskets at HB? They added at least 2 strokes for me today :|
    Noticed that you submitted a bunch of pics for Old Sawmill last year. Any chance you could review it? I was interested in hearing someone else's opinion on it. It looks like you might have found a guide, which I wasn't able to do when I played.
    HAve you started a Legacy plastic thread? I'm looking forward to buying their disc but I'd like to discuss the different plastics vs molds. I have looked through a ton of the post and have yet to see one focusing on the plastics the feel the flex the durability the difference in stabilities... throughout the other post people will comment on a disc such as the cannon but i do not see an overall plastic thread. shall we start one?
    I stumbled upon your Flickr page, if you're willing to sell anything, let me know. Always looking for CE and 11x discs. Augusta Wraiths too.

    What is up Lion? I was just wondering Whats your story? Like I see you have found a lot of courses and have played most of them. Are you sponsored by someone or do you pay out your own pocket to get to these new courses. All i know is I wish I could do the things you do . One more thing... Whats Up with this Humchris fellow??? Like... Are ppl in humbolt really that Anal??? If they dont want OutSiders coming to play in thier tourneys they shouldnt make fliers and make a website. well Keep up the Awesome work.
    The Freak is at highbridge this year in late june to be exact. not sure the the dates, i think the 20-22nd. Well, you should let me know the details on when and where you would fly?? i would be willing to go out of my way to meet ya and show ya around.
    Glad to see you and hazer are meeting up. I texted him your number, hope you don't mind.:\ Sounds like he's gonna take some plastic at least.:) So, when you gonna make your way East??? I'd be willing to show you around Wisconsin, HIGHBRIDGE COMPLEX is 3 hours from my place, Winter park is 40 minutes,Rolling Ridge is an hour. I could go on and on but just check out Green bay area thats kinda where i live..
    And you are right, Humboldt disc golf is a totaly different way of life vs. just about any other place that I've found. The only area that I've found with a simalar type of scene is Newcastle Par Infinity (technicly our parent club, though much smaller and less organized), and they are much more secretive than we are. You really need to be in the know to play their stuff. There is alot of really interesting history between Humboldt Par Infinity and Newcastle Par Infinity, but I really don't feel like going into it right now.
    Yea, it would probably be beter to not have it listed on there if it's not going to be at that course. I don't want people showing up and not being able to play becuese they didn't show up to the right place. Mad River Beach is quite a drive from the Pump Station #4 course. There's allways a good turnout for our Ice Bowl. People love a chance to play on the beach. There are some people that get mad that all the tees and fairways are all sand. But what do you expect when you are on the beach? It's also played on objects for the most part, so people expecting to show up and have all baskets are usualy in for a surprise. People thinking it is going to be at the pump station are going to be expecting solid tees, and baskets, they won't be as happy.
    Hey lion. I know you were trying to be helpfull listing the Humbodt County Ice Bowl, but you should probably leave that to the people who actualy know what is going on with it. It is not going on at Pump Station #4 as you had listed, but an unlisted course that we play on the beach. I have thought of adding this course to the directory before, but we have had enough trouble with the neighbors that it would just end up putting the whole tourney at risk. It's a lot of fun, and we would love to have you up here for it, but it would be best if you deleted that event. Thanks for understanding.


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