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Virginia Beach, VA

Fairfield Park

1.55(based on 1 reviews)
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Fairfield Park reviews

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1.50 star(s)

An Introducory Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 10, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


-Very good introductory course with three baskets for beginners, and for intermediate and advanced players to teach the game or to practice for their own game.
-The course has its own portion of the park settle in an airy moderate wooded portion of the park, away from other activities. The course portion of the park measures about 300 feet by 600 feet providing plenty of room to add to the course.
-Theirs a rule sign for disc golf and serves as a starting point for basket 1. Holes 2 and 3 are basket to basket. All par 3's.
-The variety of distances offers an ace run, a second ace run for more experience players, and the third hole that could be difficult.
-The baskets are in good shape considering they were placed in 2009. Baskets are numbered. Chains catch very well and looks like somebody has kept up with the maintenance.
-For practice there are several lines to use to improve your woods game for distances of up to 500 feet and can be stretched out to 600 feet for an open to woods practice throw. Theirs a sidewalk along the course for practice on concrete pads.
-The fairways are a mixture of sparse grass and pine straw on a hard surface. Any rain would likely absorb quickly. A heavy rain maybe a few days. Good footing for throws.


-Theirs not enough baskets for more holes. Such a waste for so much land on the disc side of the park.
-Its possible to have someone wander thru the disc portion of the park, do not blame them the sunlight streaming thru is scenic.
-If more than one separate group whether it's a few or singles, you're likely need to wait on each other during play.

Other Thoughts:

Fairfield Park has been a kept secret in Virginia Beach, it's never been mentioned in my circles. Yes, it's only three baskets, but is much needed in the largest city in Virginia that currently only has two courses compared to Richmond half the size and about a dozen courses. I welcome it considering its just 5 miles from my home and will be a good course for woods practice and continue to teach my grandson the game. The course was an Eagle Scout project back in 2009, and in my opinion well thought out, but time to stretch it out.
With the good condition baskets, the variety of distances, some woods play, a solid practice course for a few dozen lines in the woods, and potential for a course upgrade, my rating is anchored on a 3.5.
A Brief description of the holes:
1. At 217 feet is a straight away with the basket hooked on the right behind a guardian tree. Trees could become a factor for beginners.
2. At 160 feet is an ace run! Nothing in the way but the basket.
3. At 310 feet is a 45-degree dogleg left at about 190 feet. To the dogleg is clear all the way, but as you hit the dogleg the trees become heavy, and gaps 5 to 15 feet. There is also a tree on the right side of the fairway to keep swinging too far out right to left to hit the gaps. The basket has guardian trees. The hole is longer than any par 3 I've played on any 9-holer course, except for 1 course and could earn its way on any of the 18 holers I've played that has flat holes.
I did some checking of lines to the 3 baskets. I believe a 9 tee 3 basket course would work, very much like what I saw at Bay 26 with 26 tees and 13 baskets. One line I found was at least 450 feet to basket 2, and a tee could also work coming off the sidewalk in the open to basket 3 at about 375 feet. Or add 6 baskets with a few around the perimeter of the park for an open look, and the rest back in the woods. We'll see what's instore for the course in the future.

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