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    [Question] In The Bag: Age Edition

    P1x- 2.5 Rhyno- 18.5 Roc- 30 Eagle- 18 Wraith- 12 81-total /5 - (16 average) Old school with one noob! :thmbup:
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    [Innova] Roc3x midrange

    Got some! Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to these. About the only new disc I could possibly be interested in buying right now. This will fight with the Verdict for a spot in the bag. I might be able to rock an all Innova/Discmania bag finally. :thmbup:
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    DG Vacation: Tournament, Resort, or Destination?

    "DG Vacation: Tournament, Resort, or Destination?" Do all three. Thailand - in January/February. Perfect time to get out of the winter weather in the Pacific Northwest. Just have to wait until next year. A+ experience. :thmbup:
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    [Recommend] Nikko's three disc bag idea

    Rhyno, Roc, Eagle
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    [Drivers] Best utility disc?

    FAF Champ Firebird. Thumbers, forehand rollers, S shots, skip shots, dog legs...the ultimate utility disc.
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    [Question] What is a disc that, despite all the hype, you didn't like?

    Comet- I tried. I could throw a Fuse on the same lines as a Comet and nail it. Drove me nuts trying to get consistent shots. Wizard- Just not shallow enough. They feel so great- flew so bad (for me). I know people love them.
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    Most random thing you have found on the course...

    Bird buried under a teepad. I thought why is this lump here... Someone decided to bury a dog in the fairway once. Why.. why why...? Then I almost got shot because I spooked a couple of guys doing a drug deal early one morning. Not fun.
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    [Wanted] Zero Line BLACK Medium Pures

    I have several I will sell. I won't be back in the states until June though. If you are still looking let me know. I can't ship from Indonesia. Good luck with the search.
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    [Gateway] Gateway misconceptions and viewpoints

    Same issue. I guess this is normal. I'll have to make a call late at night to compensate for the time difference. Anyone else know where to get an Evo Chief?
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    [Question] What's in your bag?

    P1x Rhyno Roc Verdict Eagle L Eagle X Firebird Wraith Occasional- Leopard- compliment to the Eagle L RPM Taniwha- roller RPM Kahu- max distance
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    Flying with a disc golf bag

    I always carry my Grip bag with me onboard. Never a problem. I had backups in my luggage and the Airlines lost my luggage for 3 weeks- the entire length of my vacation. Don't risk it. TSA out of Austin, TX was really onto my DG bag this trip for some reason. They said all my discs had metal in...
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    Austin Texas Disc Golf

    I just got back from my 2nd DG trip to Austin. Circle C and Roy G are really nice. Then throw in the Flying Armadillo if you have the time. It's a really nice break from the norm. My friend and I were throwing multiple shots- ace run at everything. 6 Aces on the day- 3 each. I really enjoyed it.
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    [Question] Good speed 9 setup?

    Valk and PD makes a good combo. PD is a speed 10. Nice stable compliment to the Valk. I think the Leopard - Eagle is where it's at though. Firebird is more utility for me. Some are insanely OS and others are slightly more than a PD. Still I wouldn't play without one in the bag.
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    [Recommend] What's your favourite disc for a good long hyzerflip?

    RPM Kahu - max distance