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    OTB Lawsuit Predictions

    So you want to cancel Natalie? If your so concerned about words being used here about Natalie, and other words associated with the trans movement, are you not trying to cancel Natalie and other trans individuals? Isn't this against the whole cancel culture narrative? So if you've ever screamed...
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    Design course, no credit

    Honestly what does your comment do for this thread? Nothing. Except being an ******* for no reason. Instead of being an *******, go play some new courses.
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    OTB Lawsuit Predictions

    Must be from the University of Phoenix.
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    Prodigy sues Gannon sues Prodigy

    Neither party is smart with how it played out.
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    [Innova] Alien

    Dave looked absolutely baked out of his mind in that video.
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    Reminder to start using insect repellent

    If I'm right I've heard they hate peppermint.
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    youtube vids

    I had to be high as hell not notice it was a dead thread. Atleast there's traction.
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    youtube vids

    After you hit enough aces, you lose excitement. I've had it happen to me and have seen others in the same boat. However, those first few are pretty exciting.
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    [Innova] What is the Destroyer equivalent of a Nathan Queen TS Wraith? Feel and/or flight.

    Henna is gonna be disc golf rich with that as her tour series.
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Yeah I saw it after the time limit.
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Can't believe no one has mentioned KJUSAs vocal displeasure about Prodigy being caught on camera at the All-Star event. Turn up the volume, it's kinda low. KJs reaction at the end might show more disconnect with Prodigy and their players...
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Mint still does this. I have a Lobster from last summer and the run is labeled. Infinite also stamps their runs. I don't know if the x-outs are marked. I wish more manufacturers did this. It saves time looking for a replacement.
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    [Discraft] Slipknot

    I'm not replying to a specific person because we're talking bands and multiple people have voiced their favorites for others, so that's how this is going. Meshuggah is one of those amazing bands that got better with age. Lamb of God is really good too. VII: Strum und Drang is probably one of...
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    [Discmania] Official Ask Discmania Thread

    Kept whining about leaving and deleting his account, which he didn't. Then asked to be banned and got his wish.
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    [Recommend] Overstable Driver in Midgrade Plastic

    Maybe Innova will release the PD or DD in pro. In the meantime, you could try the I-blend Czar like others have said. If it's still too slick, take acetone and wipe the top and bottom and let it sit. Don't wash it until the next day. I've wiped a lot of discs and have done this accidentally...