• I played briefly around 2005. Starting in 2015, I started playing more seriously.

    I love national parks and nature, and I love throwing sports. Back in the day, I was decent at bball
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    Virginia Beach, VA
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    8.6 Years
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    60 / 3.11 star(s)
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    246 69

    Other info

    I appreciated DGCR's ratings and reviews long before I started taking the time to give back to DGCR. I'm thankful to so many trusted reviewers (and the admins) who have made this website such a useful and fun disc golf resource. Folks can quibble over ratings and "top courses," but the rating system is robust and informative.

    Overall, I try to keep my "intra-reviewer integrity" intact. In other words, if I rank two courses the same, you should be able to assume that I enjoy them about the same and consider them similar quality, even if they're in different places, or one is 9 holes, or they're quite different for other reasons. The quality of the golf is generally more important in my ratings than the quality of amenities or even navigation. I also love nature, so I tend to enjoy courses more in a beautiful and natural setting. Things like multiple tees or hole configurations are not inherently superior to a single set of tees or pin locations, as long as that single set of tees/pins is of adequate quality.

    I believe every course is worth playing once, but I haven't made it a goal to review every course I play. I generally review courses not to give them a number but because I have something to say. I prefer to have played the course multiple times, in different conditions or seasons, but I have become more comfortable reviewing after just one play. My ratings might seem a little "top heavy" since I find good courses more interesting and easier to talk about.

    I don't give courses 4.5 or 5 easily, so it's safe to say I consider those special. Branson Trails Blue is my personal favorite.

    Feel free to message me to let me know what I'm doing right and how I can get better!



    Ah yeh I remember! Thanks for taking the time to review both, as you can see we desperately need some travellers to do it because our home players never do ! We've now got 4 decent courses in the area with Quarry Park, Bedworth, Lichfield which is just installing teepads and signs and should be a fun 18 holer on a golf course and now Cotswold view which is a beautiful woods course we just had the opening tournament on. Final tees and signage is being printed which is a good job as the feral children from the campsite have apparently ripped down all the temporary ones we put up! Gotta love the kids! Hoping to add anothe few decent courses in the area in the next year as well.
    You came to Quarry Park and didn't let me know!! Dude! I'm 10 minutes away!

    If you are ever back in the area we also have Bedworth 15 minutes drive from QP and just opened Cotswold View about 45 minutes away, both absolute must plays. Bedworth is parkland golf half on an old pitch and putt half in parkland setting. Cotswold view is Englands first true Woods course and is just lovely. and PM me next time to play!
    Wasn't bad. A little wait time, but the tourney in Edmond seemed to draw away the big crowd.
    Gonna be in okc to play at dolese, approximately 8ish in the morning. Show up if you wanna. I'll be the guy that plays like he hasn't thrown a disc in months.


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