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Recent content by AshleyH

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    Laura Nagtegaal 2019 Amateur World Champion FA40

    I can't imagine all of what you've been through, but keep on going girl!! It sickens me that you have so many obstacles to overcome, just for being you. I'm used to being the minority in disc golf, but you've got me beat for sure. Lots of love.
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    2019 Utah Open - presented by Lucky Disc Golf

    The fort is a really new course. Flooding is really unusual for this area. I trust that it will look quite a bit different by the time worlds comes around.
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    Laura Nagtegaal 2019 Amateur World Champion FA40

    Pro Worlds is in Utah next year, just saying. I live about an hour from the courses.
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    Proper etiquette when finding discs?

    I recently found a fly dye that was purple and black. One of the worst I have seen as far as ever being able to find again.
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    Laura Nagtegaal 2019 Amateur World Champion FA40

    Welcome! Thanks for joining the thread. I have really appreciated reading this, and learning a few things. I currently play FPO, but could play masters. I would love to have the chance to play with you. I'm sorry that you have been inundated with hate and vitriol regarding all of this, but...
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    DGCR Aces 2017

    Got my 6th ace at Valley Regional yesterday. 225' with a star teebird.
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    So, how did you play today? Part II

    Shot a -3 at Valley Regional today, with an ace on the last hole.
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    Best Left Handed Pros

    Russel Jessop is pretty good. Really nice guy as well
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    Women's Max Distance with a Putter (+ Short Intro)

    I feel comfortable throwing my putters in the 150-200 range. I certainly think you would be fine adding a nice mid at least to your game at this point. Personally, I've never loved throwing a roc. I think you would be just fine throwing the spider at this point. I think a leopard or a diamond...
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    Driving Tips for a Newish Female

    250 is pretty solid. You can do quite well if you can just put it 250 down the middle. Paige Pierce is a good one to watch, she is amazing. Keep throwing the comet. It's a great disc for cleaning up your form. If you want some good discs, send me a message, I have some good beat in discs that...
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    Review by AshleyH in course Rosecrest DGC

    2.00 star(s) Watch out for kids/walkers There are some fun holes. Fairly wide open holes, nothing too long. Most range around 200-250'. There was no one else playing the course while I was there. Good place to practice control shots. Most holes play right along the walking path. Hole 12 was especially...
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    HOD 1/15/15: Spanish Fork DGC Hole 6 in Spanish Fork, UT

    Valkyrie for both. You can't tell by the pictures , but it plays uphill at the end making it throw about 50' longer. Orc if the wind is blowing.
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    [Drivers] Distance driver suggestions for girl

    There's a disc chic Facebook group, you could ask there. I don't throw sidearms off the tee, but I do have a ton of different discs she could try. I'm sure the other girls would be happy to help her if she's interested . I'd love to play a round with you two sometime, but I've been working too...
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    [Vs.] Most Distance for 400'+ drives

    I would say Destroyer and Boss. Havoc and D3 are also good, also have you considered a lighter destroyer? I would say a heavy destroyer and boss are the straightest two, the other 3(havoc, D3, and light destroyer) take a little more left to right movement, but seem to get a little more distance .
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    [Drivers] Driver Advice

    I generally go with my teebird also. I have a 162 Orc that works in the wind.My new favorite is a Saint. I feel it's very similar to a teebird, flight wise , but it seems to get more distance for me.