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    formerly 27 years old


    I am a Ska fan, though if you ask their lead singer, Streetlight isn't a ska band! LOL... I'm debating it, but I've seen them before, and when I went to see the Mountain Goats last month, I was still pretty anxious about how many people were crammed into a small space with Covid still going around. Especially since I love to get into the pit to mosh and skank, that's a LOT of heavy breathing around randos who may be sick...

    Do you still get to the Detroit area to golf much? I've just thrown myself back into the disc golf scene, and I've been looking for old faces to play some rounds with...
    I think they play woods in game 3. He showed energy, and ability to offensive rebound in his limited mins tonight. Luke has worked on more of a quick release and he drained a couple nice step back 3s I think he ended up with 18?. Brown played great d, but wasn’t really a part of the offense. He seemed more confident, more aggressive. I’m pretty optimistic for this group.
    Did yo catch the pistons game? Hmmm. I like the new additions. Rose looks great. Wood looks like he might be able to contribute. He might take thons minutes. Based off 2 preseason games I’m going to predict 51 wins.
    Hey Woj.

    I'm glad the info is useful to someone.
    To be more accurate, Most of the course is actually OK. But the mess on #'s: 10, 11, the walk from 13-14, and #16 are pretty much impossible to avoid, and feet, wheels, etc. will sink few inches deep in the mud those fairways... so plan for a mucking fess.

    Grass in the low lying areas that hold water is annoyingly tall because they haven't been able to mow adequately.

    Heard they may only add 3 holes this year (instead of the usual 6 add'l holes), because the section by the ponds (i.e. behind the real #18), where they typically add 3 of the holes for this event, will probably will be flooded.

    Now you know as much as the locals do. Best of luck to you!
    Name's Brandon, but I hear ya on school and work. It's my club that puts on the GVM. This year I think it'll be bends and stony again. Both courses will have undergone redesigns by then. You should try to make it up. I'd love to get out of state sometime, just need life to cooperate.


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