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Recent content by Emoney

  1. Emoney

    Sunkingdiscs.com - rated…

    Sunking is good. Yeh, they have a little mark up but nothing major. Had only good experiences with them. OTB by far the best. They are even taking profile pics now. Knowing the "dome" and "stiffness" of a disc is HUGE imo. I am always confident in everything I buy from them. Also, when you add...
  2. Emoney

    10yr Buzzz/First Flight Quake/Luna/6claw Zones!

    Market isn't great right now but if you have a teal one, I bet you could get $70
  3. Emoney

    Pair of Discmania Mind Benders NEW

  4. Emoney

    10yr Buzzz/First Flight Quake/Luna/6claw Zones!

    Up for "Sale Only" PPFF *Discraft 10yr Z Buzzz 180g (SOLD) *DGA First Flight Quake 176g Pink w/ Gold NEW $57 *Discraft Metallic Luna 174g Blue w/Winter sunset NEW $47 *Discraft Esp 6claw Zone(Blue w/rainbow/holo squares is 174g $30) (Yellow SOLD)
  5. Emoney

    [Discraft] Crafting Low Scores - Everything Discraft!

    I have loved the Mantis since they came out. Perfect neutral stability. Very workable with some fight at the end. While I don't like the current stiff run of Big Z/Z plastic, the ESP "MONEY Missy" run is perfection. It will turn with enough power but with average AM power, it's a very straight...
  6. Emoney

    [DGA] All things DGA thread.

    Anyone throw the 2022 tour series Pipelines? How do they fly based off numbers?
  7. Emoney

    [Other] Streamline Trace!

    These are all the way back in stock now.. They have Plasma/Proton/Cosmic Neutron available. Flight#s 11/5/-1/2 In my experience these start out very neutral in flight with a good fade.They gradually beat more turn and glide into them. They are very fast for an 11 speed. Def a great driver to...
  8. Emoney

    [Help] #smelly discs...

    Recently received a disc I bought off ebay... horrible smell of smoke... Debated messaging seller and possible neutral feedback... but decided I wasn't going to be that guy... Put the new putter in the bag for league this past friday.... I swear that putter never touched the ground... took...
  9. Emoney

    [Other] MINT Discs - Jackalope

    I have only been able to throw my 173g Eternal.. she flies true to the numbers.. Plastic feels amazing as always. * noticed some flashing issues on my current Neutron Traces and Apex jackalope... hopefully that doesn't continue
  10. Emoney

    [Putters] Reptilian Disc Golf's First Mold: The Scale (OS P&A)

    Scale vs Devilhawk?
  11. Emoney

    Which Zuca and why?

    I have the Transit... I wish I would have got either a bag boy... or the zuca backpack cart... Since I already had a nice bag... it's inconvenient to swap discs back and forth when I prefer to carry or roll. The Transit is also pretty damn heavy when fully loaded. Or the EZ cart... no seat...
  12. Emoney

    [Mids] Step up from Zone?

    It's def a Quake... if not ... Pyro
  13. Emoney

    [Other] MINT Discs - Jackalope

    I had to snag an Off-white Apex... hopefully these are a lil more OS than the subs