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    [Question] Speed 10 Overstable Drivers

    Try out a DX beast and see how that feels in the hand, it's my go to water disc with great control.
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    HOD 5/30/2018: Milligan Park DGC Hole 15 in Crawfordsville, IN

    I think I'd start off with the claymore for a nice even straight shot with a little right on the end and finish out with the wizard.
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    Getting back into the sport...

    There is some great advice here already. You may want to consider actually using a slower speed mid to find your correct technique, the one that works for you. A Buzzz or Roc are great ways to get that extra distance by forcing your technique to better itself. I started out with a dragon and...
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    You can only carry 3 discs a driver,mid,and a putter. What do you choose?

    Driver = DX Beast Mid = Z-line Buzzz Putter = Eraser Wizard
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    [Gateway] Gateway Wizard

    I may have chucked a disc at a mouthy troll once or twice. :)
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    [Other] Post your most recent plastic purchase-Reboot

    My bag was actually stolen out of my vehicle so now its time for some replacements. In a couple of days I'll be rocking A new dynamic discs soldier bag -Eraser Wizard with the walking wizard stamp -Z line Buzzz -Opto Line Claymore, Icy Ring -VIP Warship And for my buddies birthday I got him a...
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    [Other] Post your most recent plastic purchase-Reboot

    Red Champion Beast with the DX stamp off of the Innova store. I really wish they'd get on with stamping their higher level plastics in production runs, its just a nice nostalgic feel good kinda thing.
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    [Gateway] Gateway Wizard

    When I first began playing the Wizard was all the hype and also the most confusing thing to a noob to try to get into. No local store had them so online was the way to go and the flavors were crazy. I settled on an SS Wizard to begin with and it was love at first throw. I've got a dozen or so...
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    [Gateway] Gateway Wizard

    I've got a few wizards and they are wonderful putters. I pretty much settled on the organic one. Then I finally got around to ordering a G9i wizard and it showed up this morning so I took it out to the course on my lunch break. I do believe she will be a long term addition to my bag. There...
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    [Other] How many DX discs do you bag? Updated edition

    2 DX Beasts. Waterholes and very very nice for a utility. I love the DX beast, and can get some monster throws out of it. I've bought beasts in pro, champion, blizzard champion, and star and none of them fly like a DX. So I go to Walmart and buy them 3 at a time and cycle them as they get...
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    [Westside] Tell me about your Underworld...

    My VIP Underworld is sitting in the trunk of my car. Loved the plastic but wasn't too big on the disc itself. It had a few utility uses but nothing I wanted to lug around. Sweet artwork though.
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    [Question] Which discs are most helpful?

    I carry 18 discs to my daily course and the benefits of it being a daily play means I know what I'm going to throw on each hole and at each drop. When I'm on unfamiliar turf I have a few tried and tested discs that make up the majority of my shots. Love just a standard DX beast for most of my...
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    [Putters] What putters do you keep in your bag and why?

    Organic Wizard, Organic Voodoo. SSS Voodoo, and S Wizard. I normally put with the organic wizard and keep the rest for putting practice before and after playing courses.
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    [Discraft] The Undertaker??

    I'll take a Big Z Sasha Banks Camel Toe and I don't care what it costs me :D
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    new player, I'm completely addicted now

    Welcome from IA. Best set a room aside to hold all the new plastic your about to buy :)