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Recent content by flippa

  1. flippa

    So I just ordered a ....

    if you really want 30 extra feet buy a light weight nuke, beat it some then watch flip-flat and soar. atleast this is what mine does..
  2. flippa

    what's your favorite midrange

    I have to say the Mako right now, since i hit my first ace with it 2 days ago
  3. flippa

    [Trade] 11x TB, CFR Orc, Esp Stalker..f/t

    What I have: Glo CFR Orc 166 9/10 ink--gone White Esp Stalker 171 9/10 ink--gone Blue Star Wraith 172 8/10 ink Pink 11x Teebird 167 9/10 ink--gone Esp Imapct yellow 9/10 176 ink What I want: Tourny Stamped Champ Boss 170+ Predator Forces Wizards s/ss/sss Challengers
  4. flippa

    Star Mako or Elite X Comet?

    i just traded my esp comet for a star mako yesterday, the comet was to always turning right, which i needed, but it would burn and turn to hard for my liking so my shots would cut short. the mako seems to stretch the anny a little better, a softer anny-line if you will. so with that said, star...
  5. flippa

    [Wanted] discraft?!?

    i have a white 171 esp stalker thats practically new besides the ink on it..if interested
  6. flippa

    What's the best mini marker?

    da mini driver thats black.
  7. flippa

    Next step up from a TeeBird?

    FL, just doesnt have a much glide until it gets broken in but i still prefer the teebirds
  8. flippa

    [Latitude] Disappointed in Lat64 Opto Striker

    if the striker is too stable in the opto, get it in goldline, i've found its a little bit flippier, which may suit you better. but on a side note, i've never met a striker as stable as you guys speak of this one
  9. flippa

    Westside Northman

    never even heard of them, post a pic of it. is it a driver, a middy, a putter?
  10. flippa

    might be buying all new discs

    i started out as FH player and was getting close to 400', but have since switched to BH because i have more control and accuracy,and even though otheres may disagree i believe you can generate more power from the BH side although it takes less time to learn a FH a proper BH will probably allow...
  11. flippa

    Nobody throws it but me!

    im the only one around these parts that throws a shockwave
  12. flippa

    Driver's only go 30 feet farther than my putters

    one simple tip that is sure to add distance, stay on your toes through-out your whole throw,run-up,x-step, all the way through your release, STAY ON YOUR TOES
  13. flippa

    [FSOT] Trading and Selling Discs

    toothy, ya mind sendin a pic of that esp pred? i have a 167.5 opto halo thats pretty much new, 9.5/10
  14. flippa

    Best Wind Putter

    i voted wizard, because its just the best pure disc golf disc i've come across thus far, wind or not