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    Review by Geek13 in course Crump City Park

    1.50 star(s) Needs a lot of work Concrete pads, signs, easy to find park. Course is in really bad shape. Cut trees litter the wooded section of the course with cut logs and branches under foot. A great place to break a leg or ankle. Now that the trees have been cut the weeds are taking over. Also there were...
  2. Geek13

    Review by Geek13 in course ECCC DGC

    3.00 star(s) A nice little 9 hole park course. -Well maintained grass -Good use of elevation -Not much rough to deal with (hard to lose a disc) -New baskets -Easy to navigate -Pretty park -Water on 2 holes if that's your thing -I talked to the course designer and he said they are going to add another 9...
  3. Geek13

    ECCC DGC discussion

    Course Intro
  4. ECCC DGC 794 mi (from your location) Decatur, MS
    2.754 reviews
    Holes / Baskets: 9 / 9
    Length: --
    Hole Type: Baskets
    Tee Type: Grass
    Course Type: Permanent course
    Landscape: Mostly Flat
    Terrain: Lightly Wooded
    Multiple Tees / Pins: No / No
  5. ECCC DGC media

    ECCC DGC media

    ECCC DGC media
  6. Geek13

    Love the site, decided to join

    Welcome to DGCR from MS
  7. Geek13

    Help for a 50 year old noob

    Also I didnt see if you mentioned if you throw forehand or backhand. Those are good starter discs and you have some good advice above so I wont add anything there other than welcome to DG and DGCR and keep throwing and dont give up. (from someone who sees 50 coming on fast)
  8. Geek13

    Urban Disc Golf Project 4

    Good stuff
  9. Geek13

    Best Digital Scale to weigh discs?

    2nd on the Wal Mart type food scale. right at $19
  10. Geek13

    Finder's fee

    I knew a girl once that was driving in St Louis and hit a pot hole which caused her hub cap to come off. They pulled over and saw that it has rolled up to a woman at the buss stop. She wanted a finders fee.
  11. Geek13

    Post a NOT cool disc golf photo

    So will this :p
  12. Geek13

    Post a NOT cool disc golf photo

    That will buff right out. :p
  13. Geek13

    Six Card Charlie

    Welcome to DGCR from MS
  14. Geek13

    Hi, I'm wrambler, and I'm a Plasticaholic

    Welcome to DGCR from MS.
  15. Geek13

    Post pics of your Disc Dog

    Not trying to troll, but leash laws are not universal. There are places where there are not leash laws (not talking about dog parks). It is determined by local municipalities and not by federal government. I have lived places where there are no leash laws, just saying. I would have called the...