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Recent content by heartman

  1. heartman

    [Innova] Juggernaut

    I bought 3 juggernauts and they all had a pop top dome Fun to mess around with for now and I keep one in the cart ... and it actually proved useful in some heavy wind today
  2. heartman

    Help save Wills Park - Alpharetta, GA (Georgia's oldest permanent course)

    Wills Park will be undergoing changes as part of Alpharetta's ongoing master plan for the park. The disc golf course at Wills Park was established in 1983 with a redesign in 2010, and over the years has been the home course of 5 PDGA World Champions (Brad Hammock, Phil Arthur, Cam Todd, Chris...
  3. heartman

    American Disc Golf Tour

    oh dear lord ... the Antidote lol ... our little DGCR group passed one around as a gag disc it got lost several times ... and found ... and pissed on lol
  4. heartman


    YAY!!! :D better be a long visit, you'll have so many new GA courses to play :thmbup:
  5. heartman


    Kelly was asking about you today :'(
  6. heartman

    heartman's Bag

    also: pulled 400 and 300 PA3's for sP3x and sP1x
  7. heartman

    heartman's Bag

    bagged a sweet sPD2 and pulled the c-line, keeping overstable Snoostroyer as backup and put flydyed Destroyer in overstable destroyer slot messed around with 160ish new star destroyers for max d, but put a newish Shryke in for now ... some form of destroyer will probably knock it out again...
  8. heartman

    The Inevitable 2018 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    anybody mentioned yet that Dollar's leaving L64? edit: yes ... yes it has been mentioned lol
  9. heartman

    It's Baaaaack!!!

    course will be open to play Friday Oct 20 and 27 for $5 info on The Crucible facebook page
  10. heartman

    Have "thumber" Aces ever happened?

    beat-up 11x Firebird ... think that was the second ace of the year for it too been using a metal flake c-line FD3 for my less overstable thumbers the last year and a half or so
  11. heartman

    heartman's Bag

    Distance (weight/plastic/model/(condition)/use): -174 750 X1 (newish) - very overstable BH/FH, primarily FH flex and skip shots -175 C-line PD2 (newish) - overstable BH/FH -169 Star SnooStroyer (new) - overstable BH/FH, FH rollers -175 PFN Star Destroyer (somewhat seasoned) - overstable to...
  12. heartman

    The Private DG Course Model

    an additional 9 holes are being put in at NGCT too
  13. heartman

    [Legacy] Fighter

    lost the H1's and tried replacing them with current 750's (3 or 4 different H1's) that just didn't have the same slow pan :\
  14. heartman

    [Legacy] Fighter

    picked up Supreme Flight's last glow Fighter ... been searching for a replacement for my stupid overstable stiff H1's for slow panning thumbers finally found it :)
  15. heartman

    Any ATL/Georgia players?

    oh yeah ... great land out there and some reallllly fun holes ... and there's been 2 layouts out there for almost 2yrs now with Viper several of us on here of DGCR Flyboy Meetup Fame™, think the golf is a little better at The Crucible but the whole experience of spending a weekend at Flyboy and...