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    The 2017 Ozark Mountain Open - PDGA B Tier - April 8/9, 2017

    what's different? when I was there in 2015 (i think) they were talking about getting new baskets for all 3 courses.
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    [Discraft] Buzzz OS

    This thing is almost as stable as my z drone..
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    [Vs.] Most Distance for 400'+ drives

    ESP Flash. One of the straightest flying distance drivers I've seen. Can be thrown on a hyzer, thrown flat and straight, on an anhyzer line. Very true flying.
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    [Drivers] Good long distance frisbee

    I don't quite throw 500, but my max distance drivers are a 173 gram star boss or a 175 star destroyer. I can release those flat or with medium hyzer and they will turnover a decent amount and essentially ALWAYS flex back. I can hit 450 with those, so I imagine you can probably get them a good...
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    [Question] Using a Zephyr

    I haven't not carried a zephyr and a condor in my bag since I first got them over a year ago.
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    [Drivers] Choose 8 discs for life

    SS wizard Esp Buzzz Z Drone Star boss AJ Star destroyer Tsunami Tee Bird Escape