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Recent content by Ice9

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    BillyJackO's Form Adventure*

    Hey Billy - I've been following this thread since the beginning. I always pay close attention to the advice posted here because I believe you and I share similar form issues. I can see when you're striding forward you're focusing all your effort into trying to power through with your hips...
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    Form critique for Ice9

    Thanks for your help lucasgg. I threw some in the field last night and I think at least part of my problem lies in not bracing and spinning out. It seems like the lack of bracing is killing any power that could come from my shoulders.
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    Form critique for Ice9

    It's been a while since I last posted. Comparing to my previous video I don't think I lead with my head as much, but I'm still throwing 280-300. Overall, the throw doesn't feel very powerful. xwoAPYodaJ4 Things I'm noticing: -Seems like my arm is bending too early in the throw or maybe I...
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    Film from the back!

    If I'm following you correctly here, by "behind you" you mean the friend would be sitting at the rear of the tee-pad or in the opposite direction of your target. I've had a hard time understanding the benefits of having your weight on the front foot but I think this analogy makes a lot of...
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    Form critique for Ice9

    Thanks for your feedback SW. I will work on transferring the concepts from the videos to my disc golf throw.
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    Form critique for Ice9

    3dEGfZBuNtU There we go :)
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    Form critique for Ice9

    Hello all - I'm looking for a critique on my form. Here's some more information about me: My max distance is 330 with Valkyries. Most of the throws in this video are about 300 feet. I'm throwing a mix of buzzzes, leopards, valks, teebirds and some other things. Video starts with rear view...
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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    The side pocket is not as large as it looks. When I ordered my octo I was hoping that I could fit my camera bag in it, but it turns out that it does not fit. Here's the bag for reference: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004JMZPJG?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00 The camera...
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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    I contacted lb disc golf earlier this week. I got a response yesterday (5/19) from Levi saying we should get some more details probably today. Here was his response: Hey Ice9, You haven't missed the preorder, we'll be sending out details today or tomorrow. Stay tuned! Levi
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    who dat who dat? I G G Y

    who dat who dat? I G G Y
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    Curtis Loew needs some help!

    Hey there fellow with the hair colored yellow. Whatchu tryin' to prove?
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    The Official 'Ask Paul McBeth' Thread

    For the putting video, he should have just said -"for putting I use a Mcpro Aviar. The reason is - it has my name on it."
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    Get my disc, Boy!

    Get my disc, Boy!
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    Sigh... how I'm throwing these days

    Nice dance moves.
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    Missed ace comiseration thread Pt. 2