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    As you read my reviews, you may wish to keep the following in mind:

    I'm a purely recreational player; I can barely drive 250 feet, I've never played in any kind of tournament, and for me the enjoyment is as much or more about being outside in a nice setting as it is about throwing a good score. Your results may vary.

    I like variety. The more discs I use on a course the better. I love water challenges, and I love throwing downhill, the bigger the better. I like variety of length too. The best courses have some holes that only need a drive, and then a short approach or long putt, but other holes that need a drive and a long approach, or even two drives. Most courses have only the former, but I think the best courses have a mixture from 250-foot holes to 600-foot holes (or longer).

    I appreciate the obstacles to putting in concrete teepads, benches, and other permanent fixtures, but from a pure playability standpoint, nice, long concrete teepads sure count for a lot in my opinion. Graded, graveled, and boxed-in tee areas are cool too.

    A lot of the courses I have reviewed I only played once, possibly years ago, and things change. My reviews were all written soon after I played the course for the first time, so I believe all the reviews are an accurate representation of how I last saw the course. My reviews may not, however, be an accurate representation of how the course plays now, or even how it usually plays, just how it was the last time I played it.

    I think the rating system on this site is just about perfect, but for me personally, I also think of my ratings this way -

    4.5 - Must see. These courses are worth a road trip and should be your first choice if you're in the area.

    3.5-4 - Well Worth the Effort. Perhaps a step shy of elite, but still worth going out of your way to see.

    2-3 - Worth Checking Out. Several key factors away from elite, but still time well spent if you're already in the area, or have already played the higher-rated courses in the area.

    0-1.5 - For a Change of Pace. Only worth playing to do something different or if you really need to play every course you come near. But even these courses have their niche - low rated courses may be good for beginners or kids, for instance.



    part 2
    All that said, your reviews offer far more insight than most & you keep things positive.
    With that in mind, I wanted to invite you BACK to River City Nature Park in DeBary now that all 18 holes are in. Dual tees and a minimum of 3 pin placements per fairway. 3 more par 4s (more at the longest pins) All it currently lacks is the tee signs (our next big project), though 'no water or restrooms' continues to be the biggest con.
    As for PI, all 18 were designed at the outset, 6 more in the same area with 3 more to the south. But while we awaited the next 9, the City decided to entertain the notion of a high-dollar volleyball complex that will likely pimp us out of two uber-tasty holes and may force me to shorten the existing course, if I am to fit all 18 in there. Big Sigh. I was surprised to find out that PI is currently rated #7 (in the world !) for 9-holers. Glad to see that your review contributed to that ranking. THANKS! Keep up the good work.
    Hey Jaymon, I just read your review of Picnic Island and River City Nature Parks, both of my design. (T2 was also a very nice review, which we quoted you on in some promo) I appreciate your consideration of each review, although I was a bit surprised at a '2-discs' for Azalea pk, since it is obviously designed as an entry level course and I feel I got just about as much out of it as one could hope. Sigh. I feel as if I got 9 fairly safe holes into a mostly open field that works well for the intended demographic. Given the available land and budget that's as good as it gets.
    We just added alternate pin positions that change things up a bit and add some length. The new tee signs will be among the best quality you'll ever see. Promise.
    end part 1...
    Congratulations on attaining Gold TR status! You truly deserve it for your excellent reviews. You're one of my favorite and most trusted reviewers. True gold! Keep writing those great reviews!


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