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Recent content by Jbowdown

  1. My Desktop 10-13-11 1030pm

    My Desktop 10-13-11 1030pm

  2. My Desktop 10-13-11

    My Desktop 10-13-11

  3. Jbowdown

    Right to left crosswind/tailwind help

    ^^ I also agree with this. If the wind is as consistently strong as you're saying then I'd spike-hyzer my X Buzzz and ride the wind to the pin.
  4. Jbowdown

    Georgia Meet-Up...For real.

    Ooooh! I want some brownies too! I'll be working in Atlanta this weekend. I fly in on Friday and I might have some time to actually play Fri or Sat evening. :) Although I won't have a car available to me. :(
  5. Jbowdown

    Whats the best job for a Disc Golfer

    I've been working in Las Vegas this weekend and I just can't believe how gay my discs fly in the desert! :D
  6. Jbowdown

    Whats YOUR favorite max distance driver??

    My favorite high speed driver? It's The Stig, of course!
  7. Jbowdown

    How many putter molds do you have?

    Only one mold that I play competitively with, which is the Banger-GT. I carry 1 ESP and 2 Pro-D Bangers in my competitive bag at all times. I've been using the ESP for over 4 years.
  8. Jbowdown

    Whats the best job for a Disc Golfer

    Self-Employed is where it's at. I'm a Freelance Video Technician/Video Switcher/Projectionist/Camera Operator within the Live Event Production sector. Some weeks I may only have one day off from work while other weeks I'm playing disc golf every day. :thmbup:
  9. Jbowdown

    Favorite Disc?

    ESP Banger-GT I've had this disc in my bag for over 4 years. It's one of the best driving putters out there.
  10. Jbowdown

    HOD 09/02/11: Westview DGC in Pipestone, MN

    Probably a Champ Teebird or X-Buzz for this one. It's funny they chose the word patronize on the course map as it could be interpreted as this: Please 'adopt an air of condescension toward' our sponsors, without them this course would not be possible. :D
  11. Jbowdown

    St Paul/Minneapolis

    I'm busy today and tomorrow but I'm available Weds and Thurs if you're interested.
  12. Jbowdown

    [Innova] OK I was breaking in a dx Teebird when I did this....

    Replace it with a Champ Teebird (or possibly Star TL). Problem solved!
  13. Jbowdown

    [Discraft] Amazed by the Predator, any other Predator fans?

    I carry two Z Pred's in my bag everytime I play. One that's beat in to more of a 'Champ Teebird flight' and another that's wickedly over-stable. Most of the local Pro have at least one in their bag. :thmbup:
  14. Laughing Man

    Laughing Man