• Most flying disc games; Watching baby Rock grow
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    John Rock Stewart
    The Rock Yard - Amarillo, TX
    Aug 2, 1963 (Age: 60)
    Years Playing
    39.8 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    Voting Record
    0 0
    Self-employed construction contractor


    The game was easy until they added the wind!



    It was a big ol mexican..he's friends with boozie.. However would like to hit up lubbock sooner then later, but my friends an an I decided to stay to try out the thursday tourny here at thompson at 4.
    sup rock my name is pacheco an im from a-town playing thompson park quite a bit theses days atleast 3x a week.. but anyhow i found one of your disk awhile back and retuned it back to one of your friends up there a sidewinder.. did you get it back? and whats up with night golf up there? well just thought id drop a note to ya an let you know gonna go play Mackenzie Park for the first time Thursday morning...
    Glad to hear it. Those are my DiscJunky stickers. I used to have shirts, hats, towells, too... but, lately just stickers.
    Thanks again for the info.
    Hey John Rock,
    Thanks for the advice on your course. I was barely able to squeeze it in before dark... I drove through two time zones and hadn't taken that into account.
    Did you get the stickers I left for you? I left them with two guys (tall white guy and a shorter mexican looking guy???) in a burgandy ford (truck with shell or excursion). Anyway... I left some discjunky stickers for you... they said they knew who you were. Hope you got em.
    Thanks again
    Jason / DSCJNKY


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