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Recent content by Kuel

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    [Dynamic] Convict as a FH driver

    I haven't used the convict much for FH drives but I use it to get out of trouble a lot. If you don't kill it, it will hold a line and finish with fade.
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    Bicentennial DGC discussion

    Is the conversion to 18 done? I played it for the first time today and it looked like it is only 18 now. Anyway we can update the hole info? I don't want to do it since I'm sort of guest and it's not "my house" as it were.
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    DFW disc golf

    According to whoever is in charge of the Grapevine Parks and Rec Social Media, the final plans for the dog park should be complete within the next 60 days and then construction will begin. Vague but that's what they put out on NextDoor (Social Media).
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    Bullseye style baskets

    It's funny you say that. I convinced my wife to play in a ladies only tournament a few months ago. Prior that day, she had never played a full 18 in one day, let alone a two round tournament. I was her caddy and she was hitting every putt inside of 20. I seriously think she missed one inside...
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    Bullseye style baskets

    I'm not an exceptional player or putter by any means. I "spush" putt with classic hard putters. Take this for what what it's worth: I've been putting sporadically on a marksman for a couple of months now. I focus on intersecting chain links just to the right or right on the pole. I do this...
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    Air tires VS Foam tires

    I'm new to the cart game. One of the first things I did was replace just one of the inner tubes with 1/2 rubber pipe insulation (as opposed to foam). I've noticed zero difference while rolling. Maybe if I paid attention, I could notice some subtle differences. I can tell the difference when...
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    [Dynamic] Sheriff

    A little bit of searching on the Facebooks yielded this bit of info. Consider this rumor confirmed:
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    [Dynamic] Sheriff

    Heard a rumor the mold they used to make the prototypes broke. Anybody else heard this? Can anybody confirm?
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    [Dynamic] Slammer

    EMac was a huge fan of the Banger. Wonder if his input had anything to do with that. Has any disc in the trilogy ever had a thumb track before?
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    [Dynamic] Sheriff

    Hope these work...
  11. IMG 3687

    IMG 3687

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    IMG 3688

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    Delta Cart

    Also, I hit up the fenders with some color too. Basically just wrapped the red and blue around the bottom third of the frame and up on to the fender. Looks pretty sharp. Makes it POP!!
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    Delta Cart

    I've already replaced one tube with an alternative. Instead of foam insulation, I'm trying rubber. I sat on it (240 pounds) and my wife couldn't figure out which one was the air tube and which was the rubber insulation. I'm going to play a round with one in each and see if there are any...
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    [Dynamic] Sheriff

    Prototype Sheriffs are out. Longer Trespass? Similar to the Ballista? I don't throw far but I'm not a beginner. The Ballista is my go to driver. There appear to be differences in the mold but I would agree, they are similar in flight. Before the Sheriff, I described the Ballista as a...