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Recent content by Oklahyzer

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    [Drivers] Leopard replacement

    Being an old mold first made for dx plastic, Leopards are just all over the board in stability with different plastics. TL is a longtime favorite and it'll definitely get leo-ish after awhile, just takes time. I've got one that looks smooth and fine but I've used it quite a bit over the last...
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    [Drivers] Leopard replacement

    Try the gstar Leo, maybe a little lighter weight, and it'll work in before too long. If you can find a beat up star TL those get pretty understable like a good Leo and feel very similar in the hand.
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    [MVP] MVP Tensor new overstable mid

    Tensor is a notch up in the hss compared to the Vector. I love the Verdict and it's what I'm sticking with but even after that affair started I picked up a Tensor anyway after seeing Mike's videos. The rim is a little weird but it doesn't feel bad in the hand. For me, it took more effort to...
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    [MVP] MVP Vector Midrange

    Smallish bead, definitely not a big one. I've still got a fr and just pulled it out for a look. Haven't seen any of the recent ones for comparison.
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    [Drivers] Fairway Driver That Can Handle Power?

    Champ teebird. Haven't been as impressed with the T3, doesn't have the same hss under power or high winds as a good champ teebird. The champ TL3 is actually really nice too and nice and stable under most conditions...like the eagle it's a little more workable than a teebird. I don't do innova...
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    [Innova] Teebird3 vs Thunderbird

    This. My only experience with T3 is Gstar, but I wasn't very impressed. Didn't have the same great hss as a good champ Teebird and it was just sort of clunky. My birds get less use now after I got turned onto the Verdict...when it isn't enough I just move up to a driver like OLF or Viking or...
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    [Latitude] Fuse - Recycled vs Opto or Gold

    The only recycled one I've got is a Spike, but it's a little grippier than any of my opto discs. I suppose with eco plastics the blend is likely to vary a bit from run to run. As for Fuses, I think your choice depends on what you want it to do. They can be nice turners and flippers, or they...
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    [Mids] One guys quest for the right stable/overstable mid and his findings.

    I'm not a big Roc fan, but I have to say that of them all, I really liked the star Sanny quite a bit. Seems to me most what the Vector is like. My Vector experience was only first and second runs, though, if that matters.
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    [Mids] One guys quest for the right stable/overstable mid and his findings.

    Nice write up and mirrors a lot of what I've found. I was really happy with the Pain more than most of the others...opto a little moreso than gold. Very disappointed in the two Vectors I had because they just didn't have the hss and I found that they held up poorly in stronger winds and...
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    [Dynamic] Verdict love (cycling, plastics, prototypes, etc.)

    ^^^ Exactly that. I love both of these discs. The only thing I could add as far as maybe preferring a beat Verdict over a good and/or fresh Truth is the feel in the hand. Truth has more of a normal wing on it while the Verdict is pretty shallow and compact like a Core or Buzz. There can be...
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    [Help] Disc Weight

    It really depends on the mold and the plastic used. Everything equal, most aren't going to show much difference at all until you get around 10g difference, but for some discs, some conditions, 5-ish can change things. I got a little pseudo scientific a few years ago and did a bunch of tests...
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    [Vs.] QOLF v. Viking

    If you already have an OLS then you aren't going to be getting anything from a Viking unless it just clicks with you for whatever reason. Viking is very similar to that disc while the OLF has considerably more hss with a healthy fade. It'll take a real power throw or some big wind to make the...
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    [Question] Does a "beat" disc have more glide?

    They don't really gain glide, per se, but since most discs/plastics will start to lose some hss (whether you see them turning more or not), they'll go a little farther before the spin slows and the fade kicks in. Many discs don't lose much fade and some lose it before they lose the hss. The...
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    [Dynamic] Verdict love (cycling, plastics, prototypes, etc.)

    The lucid that I've used the most lost just a tick of hss but it still doesn't want to track in a headwind...it'll carry a flex anny a little longer now but still fights out of it. I pretty much always have these on low lines except for a couple holes, but the fade seems about the same as when...
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    [Dynamic] Verdict love (cycling, plastics, prototypes, etc.)

    Thus far I haven't really noticed any difference in various weights with lucid. I've got a 168, 170 and 176 and they all show the same awesome hss and will fight strong winds without giving up. I don't even really see any difference in distance between them. Shorter PD, or a longer Gator...