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    Pay2Play poll

    I would start playing a lot less. The thing that makes disc golf so special is that you can do it without emptying your wallet. As a college kid, I would not be able to afford to play as much if I had to pay.
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    [Selling] Buzzz, Roc, and more

    up up and away
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    [Selling] shinypickle's For Sale

    sold one there are still more left
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    [Selling] shinypickle's For Sale

    to the top
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    [Selling] shinypickle's For Sale

    i dont feel like making a new one so i am just bumping this one.
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    Roc vs. Buzzz, to end all wars

    I like the Buzzz better only because I tried both and the Buzzz worked better for me and my style. There is no one disc that is going to be superior. It all comes down to what disc works better for you and your style.
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    Best Distance Driver

    I like a good Beast
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    What are your 5 favorite discs?

    GL River Ion Champion Beast ESP Buzzz Elite-Z Surge