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  1. Tim_the_Enchanter

    wolfhaley goes to Oregon 2024

    Lucky Mud will always hold a special place in my heart. I just wish dogs were allowed, otherwise I'd make the trek down more often. I don't know it's current state, but I had a lot of fun at Skyline just down the road too. It had closed and now reopened. From the pictures it looks like it's...
  2. Tim_the_Enchanter

    wolfhaley goes to Oregon 2024

    I've said it before: "Blue Lake is the best course I'll never play again." I thought the design of the course was good, if you're a certain skill level. If you can throw 400-450' consistently, it's probably fun. I can't though, so it wasn't. I imagine I could par most of those holes regularly...
  3. Tim_the_Enchanter

    wolfhaley goes to Oregon 2024

    I guess I could have looked at the beginning of the thread. Yeah no experience with the 9 hole courses around there, but I like McCormick better than Trojan. Trojan is certainly worth the experience though, if a bit punishing.
  4. Tim_the_Enchanter

    wolfhaley goes to Oregon 2024

    Howdy Thomas 👋 I played Bryant a long time ago, I don't remember a lot about it, but I recall it taking my lunch money. If I'm thinking of the right course there were some cool holes--one playing out of the woods, across a field and into the woods again. Something about an old concrete...
  5. Tim_the_Enchanter

    wolfhaley goes to Oregon 2024

    Is McCormick on your list? It was one of the last Portland area courses for me to check off. I had 0 expectations, figured it would just be another decent park course, but it ended up really surprising me--in a good way. A little out of the way, but I think I liked it more than some of the...
  6. Gallaudet University DiscGolfPark 28.5 mi (from your location) Washington, DC
    00 reviews
    Holes / Baskets: 9 / 9
    Length: 2250 ft
    Hole Type: DiscGolfPark Pro
    Tee Type: Turf
    Course Type: Permanent course
    Landscape: Mostly Flat
    Terrain: Moderately Wooded
    Multiple Tees / Pins: No / No
  7. Tim_the_Enchanter

    Gallaudet University DiscGolfPark discussion

    Course Intro
  8. Gallaudet University DiscGolfPark media

    Gallaudet University DiscGolfPark media

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  9. Tim_the_Enchanter

    Off-The-Radar 5-Star Courses

    I'm on a trip right now and noticed that Paw Paw was within striking distance, my GF insisted that we make the trek so I could check it off my bucket list. They were indeed great courses. Lots of gnats and mugginess but I suppose that goes with the territory. I've never been a ball golf...
  10. Tim_the_Enchanter

    How many US states have you played? What’s your next state to cross off?

    You're in for a treat. New England and upstate NY has been so far my favorite DG region that I've gotten to play. Lots of interesting terrain and fun challenging courses. Part of me was considering moving there, but I had to tell myself that I was only seeing half of the picture by being there...
  11. Tim_the_Enchanter

    Areas with overrated courses?

    Around the populated areas for sure, there's a whole lot of rural land in CA too though. Areas in NorCal like Mendocino and Humboldt have a ton of great land that would make for stellar disc golf. But I think most of the land owners there dedicate their property to more lucrative pursuits. I...
  12. Tim_the_Enchanter

    Areas with overrated courses?

    I can't comment on Chicago, but yeah, you would think CA would have more quality courses given how big it is and its diversity of terrain. I've enjoyed most of the courses there, but I haven't been appropriately blown away by the courses that touted as epic. I know it's going to come off as...
  13. Tim_the_Enchanter

    DGPT - Resistance is futile

    Ain't that the damn truth. I don't watch live simply because I don't wish to dedicate the amount of time it takes, and when I first watched, I wasn't impressed with the coverage. It sounds like it's been steadily improving though, and with the new distribution, it should improve more. Seems like...
  14. Tim_the_Enchanter

    Recommendations for Japan?

    Well, I just got back from my trip, and Japan as a country is awesome, but sadly, the disc golf is lacking. I did end up going to Showa Kinen, but it was a lot of time on the train and a lot of walking for a very basic course. I brought a mid and a putter, but that was too many discs as it...
  15. Tim_the_Enchanter

    JomezPro Acquired by DGPT

    If you're on Android, there's an app to block all ads and even skips ads embedded in the content. It's free, but you have to put work into finding and installing it.